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Create your ArabClicks Tracking Links

This is the 4th video in this series entitled – Creating your ArabClicks Tracking Links. If you want to know how to create ArabClicks Tracking Links, how to use Landing Pages and how to shorten your Tracking Links – you’ve come to the right place!

ArabClicks has hundreds of premium Link Tracked offers you can work with. Learn how to locate & get approved for your faves in our video entitled –
Find & get approved for Link Tracked offers”.

There are 2 options to create tracking links: 

  1. Advertiser Page
  2. Smartlink Generator

This video will focus mainly on the first of these options, but be sure to catch our video entitled –
Using the SmartLink Generator.

Your first type of Tracking Link is the default Tracking Link. See under “Landing Page” How the Default URL is indicated. Each click records a cookie into your audience browser and sends your buyer to the advertiser home page.
Look for the header “Your Tracking Link” on the top left & Copy your link from the box below.
Your Link will look like this: It contains two important elements-
The Offer # and the Affiliate ID.

You can also customize your deep links to organize and track your different campaigns – separately.
You can do this based on traffic source, creative used, by purchaser IP and more – Check your performance reports to see what performs the best and optimize your campaigns.

Find out more in our video entitled – Customize your ArabClicks Tracking Links.
The most powerful of these link customizing features is ArabClicks SmartLinks (Deep Link). This powerful tool – allows you to create Custom Tracking Links that bring your audience right to the specific product or category page you’ve chosen to promote.

Learn more in our videos on:

How to Find & Use Landing Pages?

Landing pages sends your audience to one of the advertiser’s most popular geo or category pages. So when your audience clicks your affiliate link they’ll arrive to the landing page you’ve chosen – rather than just the advertiser homepage – thus shortening your customer journey, and increasing your conversions!

From your approved Advertiser page, look for the header “Landing Page”.
Click the down arrow to open the pull-down menu & see all choices to select a landing page for your link. Be sure to Preview the Landing Page so you know to where you’re sending your audience.
Then just copy your modified link from the grey box above labeled ‘Your Tracking Link’.

TinyURL is a link-shortening tool that makes your Tracking Links short and attractive, and thus friendlier for social media, various messaging applications & anywhere you don’t want to see a long cumbersome link
To use it:
Click Generate TinyURL option to the right of Your Tracking Link – & as you can see, your link will automatically be shortened.
Now you just have to copy your shortened link & wait 15 – 20 minutes for it to activate before you share it anywhere you connect with your audience!

ArabClicks’ SmartLink Generator is another simple and easy option for creating tracked links. In 3 simple steps the Generator allows you to create up to 50 deep links right to any page you want to promote. You can even add custom tracking parameters.

Learn more in our video entitled – Using the SmartLink Generator.

 Thanks for watching –
“Create your ArabClicks Tracking Links” 

Don’t forget to watch the rest of our series –
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