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What are Tracking Links & How Do They Work

#1 in ArabClicks’ new video series –
How Link Tracking Can Earn YOU More Money with Affiliate Marketing

This is the introductory video in this series. If you want to know what are Tracking Links & how do they work – you’ve come to the right place!

Tracking links are Unique URLs -web addresses. These links are used by affiliate marketers to send a customer directly to an advertiser’s website.
Once the link is clicked by the customer, it tracks purchases for a period of time – and pays the affiliate a commission for each conversion made.

Tracking links are 1 of 2 main types of affiliate tracking.
The other type is Coupon Tracking which we’ll cover in the video entitled – Why work with Tracking Links.

Let’s have a look & understand what’s contained in it.
The Offer ID tells ArabClicks to which advertiser’s website it should send your audience.
The Affiliate ID is your unique partner number with ArabClicks – and tells the ArabClicks system to whom it should credit the commissions.

To understand link tracking- you should first understand affiliate marketing.
First, the Affiliate promotes a link on their website or social channels.
Second, customers click on your tracking link. Once the user clicks on your link, the tracking link puts a tracking parameter – a small piece of code called a cookie- in the user browser.Conversions -meaning audience purchases- are tracked by the tracking parameter aka cookie. And thanks to this, the affiliate can earn a commission from customer purchases up to several weeks after the first click (depending on the advertiser policy).
Finally, the affiliate gets paid a commission for every purchase.

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What are Tracking Links & How Do They Work” 

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How Link Tracking Can Earn YOU More Money with Affiliate Marketing

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