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Why Use ArabClicks’ SmartLink

This is the 5th video in this series entitled – Why Use ArabClicks’ SmartLink, And is one of 3 videos in this series that focus on SmartLinks. If you want to learn what is ArabClicks SmartLink (aka deep link), why you should use it – AND what are the 2 main tools you can use to get your SmartLinks – you’ve come to the right place!

ArabClicks SmartLinks – often called Deep Links – are a type of modified Tracking Link that bring your audience right to the specific product or category page you’ve chosen to promote on the Advertiser’s ecommerce website.

SmartLinks are an amazing tool because when you send your audience to the advertiser homepage up to 60% of users get lost or distracted & never make it to the product you were promoting. So shortening the customer journey can do a great deal to boost your bottom line!
To give you an example, let’s say you want to promote a special men’s sale at Gap – or even a particular denim jacket that you like. You create a SmartLink and embed it either in a social media promotion or in your website behind a banner or hyperlinked into the text- When your audience clicks the SmartLink they will arrive right to the denim jacket you reviewed -not to the the GAP homepage- making them much more likely to go ahead and make that purchase.
Have I convinced you? Want to know how to get yours?

There are 2 main ways you can get your ArabClicks SmartLinks –

  1. The Advertiser Offer Page
    It is the traditional way to make Your SmartLinks with ArabClicks and gives you everything you need to promote ArabClicks Link Offers – in one place!
    Use the advertiser offer page toget SmartLinks (aka deep links) & much more. You can also add advanced tracking parameters to your SmartLinks so you can separate between campaigns.
    Learn more in our video entitled – “Create SmartLinks from the Advertiser Offer”.

  2. SmartLink Generator Tool
    A simple, powerful & proprietary new tool, and arguably the superior SmartLink creator. With just one click, SmartLink Generator lets you create up to 50 links for any approved advertiser – with optional SubID and ShortLink features.
    Use the SmartLink Generator to create tracked links to all your favorite product and category pages so you can raise your conversion rate & make more money!

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“Why Use ArabClicks SmartLink”

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