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4% CPS
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iHerb Affiliate Program

iHerb has been in business since 1996 and is run from multiple distribution centers. They are a global leader in bringing the best overall value in natural products to their customers all over the world. iHerb offers an extensive catalog of over 35,000 products from 1,200 trusted brands across Health, Nutrition, Beauty and more!
Cookie Period
45 days (unless overwritten by another affiliate link or Rewards code)
Conversion tracking is available on PC and Mobile Web transactions through browser cookies.
Health & Beauty
Terms & Conditions
Commission is paid for all approved sales, which are tallied at the end of the month.

  • You may not bid on any of iHerb trademarked terms (which are identified below), including any variations or misspellings thereof for search or content-based campaigns on Google, MSN, Yahoo, Facebook or any other network.
  • You may not use iHerb trademarked terms in sequence with any other keyword (i.e. iHerb Coupons).
  • You may not use iHerb trademarked terms in your ad title, ad copy, display name or as the display URL.
  • You may not direct link to iHerb website from any Pay Per Click ad or use redirects that yield the same result.
  • If you automate your PPC campaigns, it is your responsibility to exclude iHerb trademarked terms from your program, and we strongly suggest you add iHerb trademarked terms as negative keywords. We have a strict no-tolerance policy on PPC trademark bidding.
  • You are prohibited from running Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other international social media paid ads with iHerb’s trademarked company name.
  • You may NOT create a falsified promotion or use copy that alludes to a false promotion to entice a consumer to click.
  • If your website ranks on the first page of Google for search terms related to iHerb website or company name(s) combined with the words coupon, coupons, coupon code, promo code, deal, etc. and/or any other variation or similar word, you may be offered a lower commission than iHerb standard rate to offset the reduced profitability of orders.
  • iHerb or any other trademark owned or registered by iHerb, Inc. or its affiliates.

  • Note: All marketing activities must be conducted in adherence to the Advertiser’s terms and conditions.
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