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What are the common campaign types?

  • CPA/CPS – Commission is paid as a flat amount or as a percentage of the sale. A pixel or postback is fired from the checkout page once the conversion is logged from ArabClicks.
    Further details in the ADVANCED TUTORIAL.

  • CPL – Commission is paid as a flat amount or as a percentage of the sale. A pixel or postback is fired from the checkout page once the conversion is logged from ArabClicks.
    Further details in the ADVANCED TUTORIAL.

How can advertisers help to increase conversions?

The advertiser can help ArabClicks by sharing the following assets:

  1. Exclusive code with an attractive discount.
  2. Creatives.
  3. Product feeds (.xml only please).
  4. Latest campaigns that are going to launch soon.
  5. Landing pages for all major categories on your site.
  6. Share your top campaigns, products, and categories that we can push to our affiliates.
  7. Your best-selling products, campaign insights, categories and more.

What is your policy regarding brand-bidding?

ArabClicks has a zero-tolerance policy on brand-bidding & social spamming.
These are both very serious offences that will get an Affiliate banned from ArabClicks.
Anyone caught brand-bidding or social spamming will be immediately blocked from ArabClicks – with no commissions paid.

What is your policy regarding fraud?

At ArabClicks we have a zero tolerance policy when it comes to fraud. We use the most advanced fraud prevention systems which can identify even the most complex fraud behavior in real-time, so it can be dealt with immediately.

How can I contact you?

We’d love to hear from you – [email protected]

Do you offer services in Arabic?

Yes. Based in Dubai, our support team is fully fluent in Arabic and English. All our marketing materials and communications are also available in Arabic.

How do I know if I am an Affiliate or an Advertiser?

If you are a social media influencer or own a website or blog or other assets such as an app, and would like to earn money by promoting brands, products, and services, you are an Affiliate, also known as a “Publisher” or “Influencer”.
If you are a company offering goods or services through your website and would like social influencers and site owners to promote you in exchange for commissions, you are an Advertiser.

Why ArabClicks?

We have built strong relationships with the leading GCC/MENA advertisers and affiliates to ensure offers and traffic sources no other network can provide.

Also, ArabClicks provides innovative tools, designed to transform publishers’ content into revenue with minimum efforts.

Our free products automatically connect you with top advertisers like Souq, Noon, Amazon and Ounass, plus you’ll always get our best-in-class sales commissions. READ MORE

What is ArabClicks?

ArabClicks is the Affiliate Network of The Arab world.
We provide game-changing marketing solutions for GCC/MENA, while making it easy for social media influencers and web publishers to monetize their online content and traffic.
We’ll teach you affiliate marketing step-by-step so you’ll quickly earn your first $100 online.


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How can I see the number of clicks for my brand campaigns?

To view the number of clicks for your brand campaigns, follow the below steps.

  1. Click on ‘Daily Report’ under ‘Reports’.
  2. Select a time frame you would like to view, and click ‘Run Report’.

How do I see conversions in my currency?

  1. Login to your account > Reports > Conversion report.
  2. Click on Currency and Run Report.
  3. You will see the currency you’ve chosen in your Conversion Report.

How do I upload new creatives?

Creative File Types Supported by ArabClicks:

  1. Image Banners
  2. Flash Banners
  3. HTML Ads
  4. Email Creatives
  5. Text Links
  6. XML Feeds

Common Creative File Sizes:

  1. Facebook: 1080 x 1080 & 1200 x 628
  2. Twitter: 800 x 800 & 800 x 418
  3. Instagram: 1080 x 1080
  4. Snapchat: 1080 x 1920

    Note: The uploading tool can only accept files up to 100Mb in size. Files larger than this will return an error.

Naming Protocol:

    eg. Anniversary_Sale_UAE_EN

    eg. Mothers_Day_Flowers_Roses_UAE_EN_350*350

Uploading the HTML code:

  • Log in -> Offer -> Creative Files -> Add creative
  • Choose Offer -> Choose File Type -> HTML Ad
  • Add name, size and upload your creative file. (a link is generated)
  • Paste the following code in the Required Code box:
    <a href=”{tracking_link}” target=”_blank”><img src=”PASTE_YOUR_CREATIVE_LINK_HERE” width=”XXX” height=”XXX” border=”0″ /></a>
  • Your final HTML code will look like:
    <a href=”{tracking_link}” target=”_blank”><img src=”×150.jpg” width=”150″ height=”150″ border=”0″ /></a>

You can use this live HTML editor to verify your html code:

Which reports are available to review?

ArabClicks comes with several different preset reports shown in the Reports drop-down. Each one of these reports will show stats for today by default, with the exception of the Daily Report, which shows stats from the last 7 days.

  • Daily Report: Shows stats for the last 7 days, and breaks down network stats for each day. In “Options” choose the “Offer URL” to compare between landing pages.
  • Hourly Report: Shows today’s stats for the network, broken into hourly intervals
  • Mobile Stats: this report shows five data points: device OS name and version, device brand and model, and mobile carrier network.
  • Offers Report: Shows stats for today offer by offer.
  • Conversion Report: Conversion report serves as a line-item list of conversions.

How do I know what amount is still pending and needs to be paid?

To know what amount is pending and still needs to be paid, Visit account > Billing History.

How can an advertiser review the offers he has live?

Advertisers can login to ArabClicks and check the status of their offer. Moreover, the ArabClicks team will inform the advertiser before changing their offer status to live.

When should I create a new offer?

New offers can be created for new websites or to create a separation between link and coupon tracking.
If you have updated campaigns/creatives/landing pages, you probably don’t need a new offer – but please share them with us and we will upload them and notify affiliates.

Which details should I provide with the affiliate offer?

There are many details the affiliates might want to know regarding the affiliate marketing offer. Here are just a handful of examples:

  • Cookie life
  • When the offer expires
  • Targeted countries
  • Targeted demographic
  • Allowed and denied types of promotions & traffic
  • Operating system or device type required for tracking
  • Creatives and allowed creative use
  • Advertiser goals
  • Offer caps
  • App file size (for mobile app offers)
  • Best selling products & categories

How can I create a new offer?

Go to Offers > Create Offer.

  1. Enter details about the offer
  2. Place the offer conversion pixel
  3. Test your offer

Everything about the offer you create can be edited later. The offer can also be deleted, if you choose so.

Details that need to be added:

  1. Name of the product or service being offered.
  2. A short description of that product or service.
  3. URL that tracks the impressions, clicks, and other actions you provide for that offer (known as the “offer URL”).
  4. Available parameters for that offer URL.
  5. URL that shows a preview of the offer without that tracking (known as the “preview URL”).
  6. Revenue and payout actions and amounts.


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