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Cashback and Loyalty Programs

Experience ArabClicks’ complete support for tracking link implementation and client-side data transfers.



Automate your work with ArabClicks. Access your affiliate link data and conversions —using a powerful API connection— and solutions to fit your needs.

Use our API to develop your own innovative statistical and accounting tools.
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Working with ArabClicks, you can use your own system for sales and lead stats, add your server’s postback URL to our system, and instantly get information about completed conversions.

Choose from over 63 parameters with all possible information about every action – from the exact moment a customer clicks your affiliate link, to the status of your earnings.

Analyze this data for insights that could significantly boost your campaigns’ performance.
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How it works:

ArabClicks’ API

Connect to ArabClicks  API for a simple-yet-powerful interface with all ArabClicks’ functions.



Get Conversion details via Pixel Postback, in Real-Time
At ArabClicks, each conversion will be Pending until the merchant provides approval reports for the transactions. 
Please note that our postback can be fired 1 time per conversion only. 

Check which ArabClicks Offers Suit You
To start, make sure you are working with offers that fit your needs. First, login to ArabClicks, then  go to the “All Offers” page: 

  • For offers that support Live Tracking –
    Filter: Show all > Tracking Options > Postback Enabled > Apply
  • For offers that fit Cashback / Loyalty platforms –
    Filter: Show all > Traffic Source > Cash-Back / Loyalty > Apply
  • You can also filter by Country, Category & Commission
  • To work 1 or more offers from this list, simply click  ‘Show Link’ to get your tracking link – or ‘Request Link’ if the offer requires approval.

2 Ways to Get Your Conversion Data: 

1. Setup postback/pixel URL by offer:

  • Login to your ArabClicks account
  • Enter the offer page for which you want to add a pixel
  • Scroll down to the Your Pixels / Postbacks section and click to ‘Add New Pixel / Postback’
  • Select: Code Type > Postback URL
  • Enter the macro you want to use –  including parameter names that fit your tracking system. 
  • For your pixels to work, make sure to also add your postback values 
  • You can add any static parameter and values you want. 
  • You MUST add param=Approved’ to a pixel.
    The parameter can be any status name you use in your system. ArabClicks will automatically replace this with  =Pending on each conversion.
    When a conversion is updated by the merchant, the status will change to =Approved.
    This way, you can know when a postback status has changed. This is also the only case when you do not need to use curly brackets {} for a macro.

2. Set up a Global Pixel 

For this, you’ll need the help of ArabClicks’ support. Please contact your account manager with your requested parameters.

Here is an example of a Global Pixel:{offer_id}&status={status}&affiliate_id={affiliate_id}&sale_amount={sale_amount}&cy={currency}&payout={payout}&adv_sub={adv_sub}&name={offer_name}&aff_sub={aff_sub}&transaction_id={transaction_id}&aff_click_id={aff_click_id}&m=approved

Reconciling your Conversions:
ArabClicks will update your conversions and their statuses based on the merchant’s validation process, but you will need to refresh your conversion status to receive this data.
To refresh your conversion data, run a bi-weekly update using our get Conversions API

Conversion Statuses: 
Conversion statuses will be updated once the Advertiser has sent ArabClicks their final report indicating which conversions they will pay – and which have been cancelled.

ArabClicks uses 3 different statuses: 

  • Pending – conversion awaiting Advertiser review
  • Approved – Advertiser has confirmed the order and your payout
  • Rejected – conversion has not met Advertiser criteria so will not be paid

When the status is changed in your ArabClicks Reports – the API will reflect this as well.
To receive the status of the conversion, use the get Conversions method, and add a Stat.conversion_status field to your call.


Please review the following limitations with the ArabClicks’ System:


Since Cashbacks / Loyalty & Postback offers  need to have client-level data (ClickIds and SubIds), they don’t work with Coupon Offers & Advertisers who use an Offline data system.


Publishers who cannot provide client-level data from their traffic source (apps, pop-ups etc) cannot work with Cashbacks / Loyalty & Postback offers.


ArabClicks’ system supports URL Postbacks only not HTML/Pixel Images

Postback Count

The system will fire 1 time per postback, per status.
For example, if you setup 2 pixels URLs, the system will fire only for the last one entered.


Our postback supports Approved and Pending conversions only. In order to get Rejected status or reconcile your data, please check ‘Reconciling your Conversions’ above.


The following macro types are not supported by the ArabClicks’ system:

  • {offer_file_id} – ID of creative file for offer
  • {file_name} – Name of creative file for offer
  • {time} – Exact time of conversion formatted as HH:MM:SS.

Questions & Answers

Q: How long until a conversion is approved?

A: From a few weeks to a few months, depending upon the Advertiser’s validation process.

Q: Can I get product data on my conversions?

A: Unfortunately, the merchant does not provide us with the product-level data when a conversion has been made.

Q: How can we know when a transaction has been approved?

A: In this case, the transaction status will change from Pending to > Approved

Q: Why can’t we work with Coupon offers?

A:  Because the client submits the Coupon, real-time tracking data like clickID, subID & time are not available.

Q: What is offline tracking?

A: Some Advertisers don’t support real time tracking. Data is then shared with ArabClicks via an offline report.

Q: What does ‘Allow Multiple Conversions’ mean?

A: This means that the Advertiser allows the same transaction ID ( client identifier) to create several conversions. 

Your client arrives at an Advertiser site via your link and buys a mobile phone. 5 minutes later, they buy a phone case, charger & headphones from the same Advertiser.

In your Conversion Data you’ll see 2 different conversions & payouts – but with the same clickID and transactionID.

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