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ArabClicks’ OfferBox - Coming Soon!

Boost ROI with personal AI-driven recommendations

Helping affiliates discover what offers to promote

Finding the right offers to promote is one of the biggest challenges as an Affiliate – but ArabClicks’ OfferBox will put your mind at ease! Based on groundbreaking AI technology, you can now discover which offers have the greatest potential for you!
ArabClicks is the first and only affiliate network globally to provide this kind of cutting-edge solution.

How does it work?

  • Innovative AI-powered solution provides tailored guidance based on past affiliate performance, behaviour and other preferences
  • Offers are uniquely picked and ranked for each affiliate based on revenue potential
  • Your ArabClicks dashboard and communications will be personalized with AI-based recommendations

ArabClicks LinkConverter

Maximize your Revenue Potential

Automatically convert product links into affiliate links

LinkConverter, scan websites content and automatically turns unaffiliated hyperlinks into revenue generating links. With no change to the look and feel of your site, you’ll start earning commissions for any sales driven to the advertiser’s page.

How does it work?

  • Cut and paste one simple line of code into your site
  • The LinkConverter works in the background to detect and transform ordinary links into monetized links
  • Earn commission for every product sold

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ArabClicks Display

Performance Based Ads

Display only the highest-converting banners from ArabClicks

Choose the right advertisers for your site from one of our curated Ad Groups or create your own. Our system analyzes and optimizes ad performance so that only the highest converting banners go live.

How does it work?

  • Choose Ad Group
  • Cut and paste one simple line of code to your site
  • ArabClciks will automatically display the highest performing banners
  • Earn commission for every product sold

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ArabClicks SmartLink

Monetize Any Link – Anywhere

Create affiliate links for all of your social networks and channels

SmartLink (deep link) turns product and brand links into high-powered hyperlinks that make you money with every sale. No coding required! Send, tweet, post, share revenue generating links via YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Email and more.

How does it work?

  • Choose a product from any of Arabclicks’ network offers
  • Create a SmartLink (deep link) in your dashboard or on the ArabClicks app
  • Post the link in your social channels or anywhere else you like
  • Earn commission for every product sold

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ArabClicks App

Create Content. Earn Cash.

ArabClicks App – Earn Your First 100 Dollars

Share Coupon Codes with Your Friends & Followers, Earn From Every Purchase

  • Download the ArabClicks App & Log in
  • Share discount coupons & products right from the app
  • Use Whatsapp to send codes to your friends, family & followers
  • Post them on your social channel like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram
  • Your family, friends & followers get discounts &
  • You’ll earn a commission!
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