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Can I stop promoting offers at any time?

There is no commitment. You reserve the right to stop promoting a single or all of our offers at any time.

Why was my ArabClicks Offer or Coupon application denied?

There are a variety of reasons why your affiliate application may have been denied:

  • Traffic Minimums – to promote our exclusive coupons and offers – be sure you update a primary channel that meets our REQUIREMENTS BY PLATFORM.
  • Domain issues – the website URL that you have provided is invalid, exists on a blacklist, or is suspicious for some other reason.
  • Site issues – your site is showing no (or very little) traffic or the traffic is irrelevant (not from our target countries). Your site is being used to promote through pop-ups/unders and/or PPC marketing.
  • Duplicate Information – there is already an affiliate at ArabClicks with some of the information you used to sign up: same IP, name, email, physical address or phone number.

If you feel a mistake has been made, please CONTACT US to resolve the issue.

I am trying to sign up as an Affiliate but have received a message that my email is already in use – what to do?

It is likely that you have previously signed up for an Affiliate account since only one account is permitted per email address. Update your password HERE and then login using your existing account.
If you previously had an ArabClicks account but it was inactive, it’s possible your account was closed.
You can sign up again from a different email – or contact us for an account review.

What is ‘Social Spamming’, and how can I avoid it?

Social-spamming is prohibited interactions with a brand on social media.
Unless specifically allowed in an Advertiser’s terms and conditions, you cannot use an Advertiser name or logo in your social media Username or Pagename.
This puts you in direct competition with the Advertiser and is not allowed.
OK: KSA Electronics Discounts
Not OK: Noon Electronics Discounts

Also, you cannot reply to a post in an advertiser’s social media page with your tracked coupon codes or a link to your own promotion for this advertiser.
Of course you can mention an advertiser name as much as you like in your own posts.
But be careful not to tag the Advertiser (i.e. #advertiser_name) even in your own posts.

ArabClicks has a zero-tolerance policy on social spamming This is a very serious offence that will get an Affiliate immediately blocked from ArabClicks – with no commissions paid.

What is Brand Bidding and how can I avoid it?

Brand-bidding is use of an advertiser name or logo in your pay-per-click ads, without written consent from the brand.
This means you cannot use an Advertiser’s trademarked name in your search engine marketing (SEM or PPC) ads.

In addition, you must actually specify the Advertiser name as a “negative keyword” in your ads – so you don’t accidentally get their traffic.

ArabClicks has a zero-tolerance policy on brand-bidding (unless explicitly allowed by the Advertiser).
This is a very serious offence that will get an Affiliate immediately blocked from ArabClicks – with no commissions paid.

What kind of promotions are prohibited at ArabClicks?

The following promotion types are not allowed on ArabClicks and can get you banned:

  1. Using an online store’s name (or any variations or misspellings of the name) in paid ads or in your web URL / social page name without written consent from the brand (Brand Bidding).
  2. Posting your tracking links or coupons in the comments of the official Brand channel.
  3. Pop-up/Pop-under marketing, click-unders, in retargeting campaigns, incentive traffic campaigns, or in push notification ads.
  4. Promotions that include pornography, gambling, hate or any illegal activity.
  5. In re-direct links that you or someone else has submitted, or to pull traffic to a different site.

What kind of traffic sources are allowed at ArabClicks?

You can always use organic traffic from your own social channels or website.
For most advertiser offers, you may also use paid traffic such as Google Ads and paid Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & Snapchat so long as you don’t mention an advertiser’s name in your ads.
However, be aware that each advertiser sets their own affiliate program Terms & Conditions, so you must always check the advertiser page to find out what is and is not allowed before setting up your campaigns.

What is your policy regarding fraud?

At ArabClicks we have a zero tolerance policy when it comes to fraud. We use the most advanced fraud prevention systems which can identify even the most complex fraud behavior in real-time, so it can be dealt with immediately.

How can I become a successful Affiliate?

The key to your success is the quality of your content, presentation of your products, optimization of your website and, of course, the type and volume of potential customers visiting your page/site/blog.

It’s also important to promote products relevant to your specific audience and connect with their timely needs.

A few resources:

What is my ArabClicks Profile, and how do I complete it?

As soon as you SIGN UP, make sure to complete your ArabClicks Profile – so you can get faster payments & personalized updates on your favorite types of offers.

Help us get to know you better!
Here’s how:

    Go to My Account > Billing – Fill in the details for your preferred payment method.
  2. Tell us more about your professional profile
    Where & how you intend to promote advertiser offers. For your personal link, after signup, check the email – “Complete Your Profile”.

How can I get tracking coupons (a.k.a. coupon redemption/attribution, offline codes) to promote in my channel?

To find tracking coupons, visit our BEST DEALS & COUPONS page then click ‘Show all Coupons’ > ‘Tracking Coupons’.
To apply for a code, on the right, click ‘Request Code’ > ‘Request Approval’.

Choose carefully!
Until you earn $100 payout, within 3 months, with ArabClicks, you may ‘request approval’ for only 2 coupons or exclusive link offers.
After you reach $100, you’ll be able to request more approvals.

Of course, you can always also promote our many open offers.
Find Open Offers here:
ALL OFFERS > Show all > Approval Required > Not Required.

What are Tracking Coupons and how do they work? (a.k.a. coupon redemption/attribution, offline codes)

Coupon tracking uses unique discount codes created just for you that are tied to your affiliate ID.
When using tracking codes, the advertiser records the sale every time your audience uses your coupon to get a discount.
You’ll earn a commission on every sale made.

Tracking Coupons are also called coupon redemption/attribution, offline coupons, or personal codes. LEARN MORE

While convenient, tracking coupons miss out on many of the advantages offered by tracking links. LEARN MORE ABOUT TRACKING LINKS and why many successful affiliates prefer to use them.

How can I track my performance?

ArabClicks offers two ways for you to track your audience purchases:

  • Tracking Code – Discount codes you can share with your audience to earn a commission per coupon use. A.K.A. offline codes, coupon attribution, and coupon redemption.
  • Tracking Link – A unique web address that sends a customer to an advertiser’s website while crediting a commission to the affiliate who sent them.

Which are ArabClicks’ top offers?

Check our All Offers page & look for offers bearing the ‘Top Offers’ stamp. This is a hand curated list of ArabClicks Network favorites.

Which Advertisers will I be able to work with?

By opening a free ArabClicks account, you will be given access to all the Advertisers within our network. See all available affiliate programs HERE.
Keep in mind that until you earn $100 with ArabClicks, you may choose only 2 offers or coupons that require approval.

How can I know who is my account manager?

If you didn’t receive an email introducing you to your account manager, your account will be managed by our friendly Support Team.
Reach us HERE!
Also, feel free to reach out if you have a question you didn’t find answered in this FAQ.
As your revenue grows, you’ll be assigned a personal account manager.

How can I contact you?

We’d love to hear from you – [email protected]

Is there a minimum audience size to work with ArabClicks?

While there is no minimum audience size required to create an account with ArabClicks, to promote our most exclusive offers and coupons, your channel needs to meet our MINIMUM TRAFFIC REQUIREMENTS.
We also have hundreds of open offers that don’t require a specific audience size.
Find Open Offers here:
ALL OFFERS > Show all > Approval Required > Not Required.

Do I need an active web channel to work as an ArabClicks Affiliate?

You need an active social channel or website to sign up as an ArabClicks Affiliate. This could be a YouTube channel, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter feed, or a website/blog, to mention just a few possibilities.

Do you offer services in Arabic?

Yes. Based in Dubai, our support team is fully fluent in Arabic and English. All our marketing materials and communications are also available in Arabic.

How do I know if I am an Affiliate or an Advertiser?

If you are a social media influencer or own a website or blog or other assets such as an app, and would like to earn money by promoting brands, products, and services, you are an Affiliate, also known as a “Publisher” or “Influencer”.
If you are a company offering goods or services through your website and would like social influencers and site owners to promote you in exchange for commissions, you are an Advertiser.

How much does it cost to join ArabClicks?

Social media influencers and website publishers are welcome to sign up as Affiliates with ArabClicks for freeSIGN UP HERE!

Why ArabClicks?

We have built strong relationships with the leading GCC/MENA advertisers and affiliates to ensure offers and traffic sources no other network can provide.

Also, ArabClicks provides innovative tools, designed to transform publishers’ content into revenue with minimum efforts.

Our free products automatically connect you with top advertisers like Souq, Noon, Amazon and Ounass, plus you’ll always get our best-in-class sales commissions. READ MORE

What is ArabClicks?

ArabClicks is the Affiliate Network of The Arab world.
We provide game-changing marketing solutions for GCC/MENA, while making it easy for social media influencers and web publishers to monetize their online content and traffic.
We’ll teach you affiliate marketing step-by-step so you’ll quickly earn your first $100 online.


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Does ArabClicks have a banner ad tool?

ArabClicks Display helps you earn more from the banner space on your site / page by dynamically displaying only the highest-converting ads from ArabClicks.
You maintain full control over who advertises on your site, by choosing one of our curated Ad Groups or creating your own personalized list of approved Advertisers. Our system analyzes and optimizes ad performance so that only the highest converting banners go live.

How does it work?

  1. Choose TOOLS, then Ad Groups from the control panel on the left side of your ArabClicks interface.
  2. Browse through the multiple pages of Ad Groups.
  3. Select your Ad Group with the link under the NAME header.
  4. Cut/Paste the code to your site from the upper left hand corner under “Generate Ad Tags”.

ArabClicks will now automatically display the highest performing banners to your site.
To create your own Ad Group, refer to THIS GUIDE.

What is the ArabClicks App?

Using the ArabClicks App, you can earn your first $100 online by sharing coupon codes with your friends, family & audience.
With just a few clicks, get ArabClicks promotional Coupons & Links right from your mobile so you can post them directly in your social channels & earn money from anywhere! LEARN MORE.

Can I customize my reports?

You can customize all of your reports according to your needs. This allows you to best see and analyze your data in ways meaningful to YOU.
Learn how in our PDF Guide – CUSTOMIZE YOUR REPORTS’.

How often is my Conversions Report updated?

ArabClicks conversion data is updated as soon as we receive the info from the advertiser.
Depending on the advertiser, this can take place in real-time, daily, weekly or monthly.

Can I see in-depth data for each conversion?

Your CONVERSION REPORT lets you analyze data such as conversion rate, ad performance, device & customer location to help you plan more effective campaigns.
First login to ArabClicks, then go to Reports > Conversion Report.

How do I view the commissions I have earned?

Login to ArabClicks, then on the left choose Reports > Performance Report.

In your Performance Report, see how your clicks, conversions, and payouts change over time.
In the lower half of the page, the Report Summary provides a quick numerical total of all your offers & the table below breaks down the numbers for each offer.

Customize this and other reports so you can see and analyze your data in ways meaningful to YOU.
Learn how in our PDF Guide – ‘CUSTOMIZE YOUR REPORTS’

How do I view my ArabClicks performance?

ArabClicks gives you all the data you need to keep your finger on the pulse of your affiliate activities. See both overview and in depth data presented in an easy to use and visual way.

Find all reports – LOGIN TO ARABCLICKS & click ‘Reports’ in the menu on the left.
You’ll see 5 different types of reports:

  1. Performance Report – an overall view of your results (clicks, conversions, and payouts). Find it under Reports > Performance Report.
  2. Conversion Report – reviews each individual transaction that’s been made. The conversion report provides in-depth info on individual conversions: offer data, user data collected, sub IDs, transaction IDs, time of conversion, and so on. Find it under Reports > Conversion Report.
  3. Coupon Report – allows you to simply track your Tracking Coupon performance. In this report you’ll find your conversions, pending commissions and payouts, filtered by offer and date range. Click ‘My Coupons’ to see all the tracking codes you’ve ever been issued by ArabClicks. Find it under Reports > Coupon Report.
  4. Referral Report – Lists all the friends you’ve referred – and the bonuses you’ve earned from their performance. Find it under Reports > Referral Report.

  5. Saved Reports – review all your customized reports that you have chosen to save for future reference. Find them under Reports > Saved Reports.

Can I send my audience to a GEO/currency-specific landing page?

Yes, definitely!
While your standard Tracking Links will send your audience to the Advertiser’s default GEO, you can make SmartLinks (deep links) directly to the Landing Page for your chosen GEO.

Just go to the Advertiser’s website, and look at the top of the page – select your preferred ship-to country, language, and currency – then copy the URL and use our simple yet powerful SMARTLINK GENERATOR to create your links.
Or use the Deep Link customization feature from an approved Advertiser Offer page.

Can I choose which page to promote?

Yes, you can choose your prefered advertiser landing page by using a SmartLink (Deep link) that will bring your visitor directly to the page you’ve chosen to promote, rather than to the Advertiser’s homepage. This will shorten your visitor’s journey and thus improve conversions up to 300%.

See next question or check our SmartLink ARTICLE / GUIDE or Video series:

How do I check performance for my tracking coupons (redemption/attribution coupons, offline codes)?

A special Coupon Report is available for your tracking coupon offers on the ArabClicks website.

After signing in, select REPORTS > Coupon Report.

The Coupon Report shows you your pending & approved performance totals, and breaks down your earnings by offer, code and date.

Pro Tip: Click ‘See by Dates’ on the right of each Offer to see your earnings for that coupon broken down day-by-day.

How can I earn more with Tracking Coupons?

Read this ARTICLE, or download the PDF.

What can I do if one of my Tracking Coupons is not working?

If you are limited to 2 coupons only, and one of your coupons have expired, you can ask for a new one – just go to ALL OFFERS or BEST DEALS & COUPONS pages.

If you’ve checked the green ‘My Coupons’ popup in the right corner of the ALL OFFERSBEST DEALS & COUPONS and COUPON REPORTS pages & your coupon is not expired, you can CONTACT SUPPORT for help with the issue.

Can I exchange my Tracking Coupons for other codes?

If you are limited to 2 coupons only, and would like to replace your Tracking Coupon with another coupon from a different offer – you may do so.
Simply open a SUPPORT TICKET with details about the exchange you’d like to make.

How long does it take to approve my coupon/offer request?

If you meet the MINIMUM TRAFFIC & content requirements, you’ll get an email with your code / link approval within 5 working days.
To speed the process, make sure your channel link and follower numbers are correct and that you reply to all questions emailed from our team.

In the meantime, promote our many offers that don’t require approval.
See a list: Login > Offers > All Offers > Show all > Approval Required > Not Required > Apply.

How do I find & apply for Tracking Coupon offers to promote in my channel?

Find Tracking Coupons 2 ways:

  1. Visit our ALL OFFERS page then click ‘Show all’ > ‘Offer Type’ > ‘Coupons’ > ‘Apply’.
  2. Visit our BEST DEALS & COUPONS page ‘Show all Coupons’ > ‘Tracking Coupons’.

Choose carefully! You can apply for approval on only 2 coupons before you earn $100 within 3 months!
Your status will now show ‘In Review’ and our team will review your channel and check if you meet our MINIMUM TRAFFIC REQUIREMENTS.
This can take up to 5 days – but be sure to check your email regularly for your approval status update & in case we have further requests.

Once you’re approved, you’ll receive an email with your code – or get your Tracking Codes here:

How do Tracking Coupons (a.k.a. redemption/attribution coupons, offline coupons) record my conversions?

Tracking Coupons (aka Offline Coupon/Coupon Redemption or Attribution) are personal codes that pay you a commission every time your audience uses it at checkout for a discount.
Share your tracking code with your audience in your social channels and on your website & paid campaigns.

Check your COUPON REPORT (Login > Reports > Coupon Report) to see your conversions broken town by date and code.

Be sure to read our COUPONS GUIDE for detailed step by step instructions & expert insights.

How does ArabClicks track your performance?

ArabClicks offers two ways for you to track your audience purchases:

  • Tracking Code – Discount codes you can share with your audience to earn a commission per coupon use. A.K.A. offline codes, coupon attribution, and coupon redemption.

  • Tracking Link – A unique web address that sends a customer to an advertiser’s website while crediting a commission to the affiliate who sent them.
    More info on working with Tracking Links:

How do I choose Advertiser offers to promote?

When choosing an Advertiser Affiliate Program to work with, choose offers that are relevant for your primary audience GEOs, have good payouts, and are products or services you think you can sell.

The offers you choose to promote in your channel should be something you are passionate about, be a good fit for your regular content, and be something your audience really wants and needs.

Find your new favorite offers using the powerful Search, Sort & Filter features on our ALL OFFERS page.
You can also choose offers that have good COUPONS AND DEALS available. Sharing these deals will create an incentive to buy.

Read our Academy article on how to EARN MORE BY PICKING THE RIGHT OFFERS for your channel.
Also, 5 IMPORTANT DOS AND DON’TS for choosing and promoting affiliate offers.

How can I find Advertiser coupons & deals?

ArabClicks affiliates get access to our BEST COUPONS & DEALS page with real-time updated onsite sales, promo codes, tracking coupons and deals from our top advertisers.
Get access, SIGN UP NOW!

Where can I find ArabClicks’ top offers?

If you’re not yet our affiliate here are some of our TOP OFFERS BY CATEGORY.
Or if you are already an ArabClicks affiliate, from the ALL OFFERS page:

  • ArabClicks Picks – look for the Top Offer icon for an updated list of our top-converters.
  • Affiliate Faves – Sort by: Offer Rating.

How many followers do I need to promote offers that require approval?

In order to work with ArabClicks coupons & offers that require approval, you must meet these minimum traffic requirements.

Check by platform:

  • Website – 1,000 sessions monthly
  • Instagram – 2,000 followers
  • Facebook Page – 8,000 likes
  • Facebook Profile – 2,000 friends
  • Facebook Community – 1,000 members
  • Twitter – 5,000 followers
  • YouTube – 1,000 subscribers
  • TikTok – 1,000 followers
  • SnapChat – 500 views per story
  • Telegram – 500 subscribers
  • WhatsApp Group – 200 subscribers
  • Podcast – 200 subscribers

The offer I want to promote requires approval. What should I do?

All ArabClicks Tracking Coupons, and some of our Link offers require approval.
To be approved, your primary channel needs to meet ArabClicks audience size thresholds.

  2. OPEN A SUPPORT REQUEST – and ask to update your primary channel if necessary – you won’t get coupons if your channel isn’t updated.
    Note: If you have more than one channel – put the one with the most followers. Be advised that your updated channel link must belong to you.
  3. Click on the ‘Request Code’ or ‘Request Link’ button on the ALL OFFERS or BEST COUPON & DEALS PAGE
    Review your number of available offers then click ‘Request Approval’
    Or review the Terms & Conditions popup and click ‘Agree’
    Congrats! Your offer approval request has been forwarded to our team for review. You should hear back within 5 business days.

When applying for coupons & offers that need approval, choose carefully! Until reaching your first $100 earnings within 3 months, you can request approval for only 2 coupons or offers.
But don’t worry, most of our offers don’t require approval and are open for all ArabClicks affiliates to promote.

Where can I view/update my billing information?

To view and update your billing details, go to My Account > Billing.
Click on the pencil icon to edit your billing information.
To see information on your invoice and payment history, scroll down.
To view individual invoice details, go to the Invoices section and click on entries in the Statements column. To view individual payment receipt details, go to the Payments section and click on entries in the Payment column.

How can I find Affiliate Programs to promote in my channel?

If you haven’t yet signed up with ArabClicks, see our full list of offers.

If you’re already an ArabClicks Affiliate:

Login > OFFERS > All Offers

Use the powerful search, or sort by: Rating, Commission, Newest (launch date), & Name (A-Z)

Filter offers by Country & Category, Coupon or Link tracking, & select from CPS/CPA/CPL/CPI commissions

You can also filter by offers that require approval – and those that don’t.

This is helpful since you can request only 2 offer approvals before you reach $100 payout within 3 months – but you can promote unlimited offers that don’t require approval.

For more details – refer to ArabClicks’ Quick Start Guide

Or read our Academy article on how to earn more by picking the right offers for your channel.

Where can I update my Account Details?

To update your personal or company details, go to My Account -> Account Details.

To change your preferred payment info, you can visit – My Account > Billing

In either case, click on the pencil icon to edit your information & ‘Save’ when you’re finished.


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Why do my PAID statements show less money than I received?

Because the Payment Portal only has conversions data from September 2020 onwards, it’s likely that you have approved commissions from before this period that were included in your payment.

I have an Unpaid balance in my Payments view, but I haven’t yet received my money. Why not?

If you have more than $100 Unpaid in the Payments view, please check your email for your invite to ArabClicks Tipalti payment system.

If the amount is less, you’ll need to wait til you earn $100, then register to the Tipalti system to receive your transfer.

In my Payments view – I see an amount listed, but I don’t know what it includes. How can I find out?

Just click the drop down on the far left of each entry in your Payments view to see what amounts are included, and from which time Period. For even more details, click each Invoice number & you’ll see a breakdown that includes each conversion.

I want to update my payment method. How can I do it?

You must update your payments details in 2 places:

  1. ArabClicks’ Tipalti System – you’ll receive an invite after you earn your first $100.
  2. The Payment Portal. Find it – Login > My Account > Payments > Your Profile > Payment Methods > Then click the ‘trash’ icon to Delete or add New Payment Method.

What is the difference between the Partner Invoice list in Your Profile page and the list in the Payments page?

The Partner Invoice list is broken down by Payment Period – and even shows you details for each conversion. By contrast, the Payments page shows you all Approved amounts awaiting payment combined in one sum – regardless of when the conversions happened. If you want to see how much you still need to earn before you get your $100 payment, see the Payments page.

I see Approved Conversions in my ArabClicks Conversion Report but not in my Payment Portal. Why?

This is because while your conversions have been approved by the advertiser, they have not yet released payment to us.
As soon as we receive your money, your conversions will show up in the Payment Portal.

What is the difference between ArabClicks Payment Portal and Tipalti?

In ArabClicks’ Payment Portal you can find full data & details on all of your past and upcoming payments – whereas ArabClicks Tipalti Payment System is used to actually make the transfer to your bank account. When you want to update your payment method – make sure you do it in both systems!

What is ArabClicks Payment Portal?

ArabClicks Payment Portal shows you all your ArabClicks payments – and their current statuses. See which of your approved commissions will be sent to you in the next payment cycle, and which have already been released to you.

What happens after I register with Tipalti?

If you’ve completed all registration details, then you’ll be paid in the next cycle on or before the 15th of each month. We also do our best to release funds as soon as we receive them from an advertiser.

Meanwhile, see updated payments & statuses in the Payment Portal: Login > My Account > Payments.

Can I confirm that my payment details in Tipalti are complete?

Since only you know your Banking details, ArabClicks is unable to determine if the information you entered was complete.
However, you can verify that you have entered all the details requested by the registration forms, have not left any blank spaces, or entered any information that does not belong to you.
You can also log back into your Tipalti account, to double-check your own information to be sure that the details you entered are accurate and complete.

I was unable to complete my Tipalti registration. What should I do?

If you encounter any issues during the registration do not hesitate to contact our SUPPORT TEAM.
In the meantime, please re-review all instructions once again to be sure you haven’t misunderstood or missed a step.

Is there a possibility that the bank will reject my payment? If so, what could be the reasons?

The responsibility to accept or reject a payment rests solely upon your bank and is not related to our bank or to Tipalti. Since banking information is confidential, in the event that your payment is rejected, only you will be able to ask your bank the reasons.
However, your bank will usually accept your transfers if you:

  • Are in good standing with the bank
  • Honest about your business activities
  • Transparent about from where the funds are coming from, &
  • Have provided bank details that belong ONLY belong to you (not someone else, including close family or friends).

How long before payment reaches my account?

After processing your payment, it can take between 3 to 5 days to reach your bank account, assuming all your details were entered correctly.

Since we do not control the international banking system – this is a prediction taken from our experience, and not a guarantee.

You can see the exact date your payment was sent in the Payment Portal: Login > My Account > Payments > Payments.

Will I have to register with Tipalti again for each payment?

No, you need to register only once.

What information is required to register with Tipalti?

1- Once you enter the Tipalti Payment Portal, you’ll be asked to enter your Personal Details – name, phone & other contact info.

Tipalti Payment Portal - Personal Details.
Tipalti Payment Portal – Personal Details.

2- You’ll also be asked for your Payment Details, such as currency, account name, IBAN, SWIFT & more.

Tipalti Payment Portal - Payment Details.
Tipalti Payment Portal – Payment Details.

The details that are requested from you may be different, depending on which payment method you have selected, and the country you are from.

Where will my Tipalti invitation be sent?

Your Tipalti invitation is sent to the email address you used to register with ArabClicks.

How can I register with Tipalti?

Once you’ve crossed the minimum payment threshold, you will receive an invitation email requesting you to register and provide your details on the Tipalti Payment Portal.
When registering, make sure to enter information that exactly matches your Bank Account, your Billing Address, and your Passport, as some banks may ask you to verify this information with copies of your Identification.

Note: Please enter ONLY your own details. Do not enter any information that does not belong to you.

What is Tipalti?

Tipalti is a global payment system, similar to a bank. ArabClicks use Tipalti to process the electronic transfer of your approved commissions payouts, from our bank account to yours.
Once you have earned your first $100 in affiliate commissions, you’ll receive an invitation to register with Tipalti, so that we can pay you.
Tipalti is very experienced in processing Affiliate payments, which is the reason why ArabClicks uses Tipalti as our payment processor.

How can I find my SWIFT code?

A SWIFT code identifies your exact bank within the international banking system – so your payment can find its way to you.
Luckly, finding your SWIFT code is easy. Just run a Google search on – your bank name + ‘SWIFT Code’.
Example: Al Rajhi Bank SWIFT Code.
Your answer should come right up!

What is the difference between Wire, and Direct Deposit?

direct deposit is a currency transfer by a payer directly to the payee’s bank account – and can take place using several different methods.
The most common direct deposit method is a local bank transfer from within the same country, using local currency.
Another way to direct deposit is with a bank wire – using the SWIFT system. Bank wires are usually international & can be in any currency. Bank wires can take anywhere from a few hours up to 48 hours.

How often are my earnings reports updated?

ArabClicks reports are updated as soon as we receive data from the advertiser.

Depending on the advertiser, this can take place in real-time, daily, weekly or monthly.

Once your conversions have been approved & your commissions received by ArabClicks, you can see them in your Payment Portal.

Go to: ArabClicks > My Account > Payments > Your Profile > Partner Invoices > Approved.

Learn more

Will some of my conversions be rejected?

Some audience purchases are not eligible for a commission. There are a number of reasons for this, for example, because the product was returned to the store, or the conversion came from a country outside the targeted geos.

Rejected conversions will be deducted from your ‘pending’ commissions total.

To see the full amount you are eligible to be paid, please check your ‘approved’ commissions total in your ArabClicks DASHBOARD / PERFORMANCE REPORT / COUPON REPORT.

When will my commissions be approved?

Depending on the advertiser, it can take an advertiser from a few days to a few months to review your conversions and validate them.
Check Validation times for your Offer:

  • Visit the All Offers page (Offers > All Offers)
  • Click ‘More Details’ under each Advertiser Name
  • Look for ‘Validation Period’ in the pop up window

You can also check your Advertiser Offer page under ‘Description’ > ‘Validation’.

Why are my commissions pending?

Your commissions are pending because they are awaiting advertiser review and approval.
Depending on the advertiser, this can take a few days up to a few months.
Don’t worry, we are always in real-time contact with the Advertiser in order to expedite the process as much as possible.

Is there a minimum payment threshold?

Yes, you must achieve $100 in advertiser-approved conversions to be eligible for payment from ArabClicks.
If you have not yet earned $100, your earnings simply collect into your account until the time that you do.

When do I get paid?

If you’ve reached the minimum earning threshold of $100, your Payments are processed once a month. They are released once advertisers have validated your conversions and transfer the funds to us.

Depending on the advertiser, it can take an advertiser from a few days to a few months to review your conversions. But don’t worry, we are always in real-time contact with the Advertiser to expedite the process.

For current status of all your past & upcoming payouts, please check your Payment Portal:

Login to ArabClicks > My Account > Payments > Once inside the Payment Portal – click the Payments tab on the left. 

How do I get paid?

We offer the most trusted, on-time payouts in the industry with a large variety of payment options.

You can choose from PayPal, Direct Deposit and Wire. Please note that our payment options do not include Western Union or Payoneer.

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