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If you are looking to improve your sales and income as an affiliate marketer, one tool you should definitely consider using is ArabClicks’ SmartLink
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What is SmartLink?

SmartLink is an affiliate link that arrives directly to the products you have promoted to your audience and not simply the advertiser’s generic homepage. This increases your sales rate and enhances your audience experience.

Why Use SmartLink? 

Because statistically, SmartLinks convert twice as much as generic affiliate links. 

Additionally, according to Nielsen Research, over 25% of affiliate link clicks that don’t end in a sale fail between the advertiser’s homepage and the correct product page. By sharing affiliate links that arrive to the advertiser homepage, you are forcing your potential customer to take several more steps to find the product that they want.

By creating affiliate links (also called ‘deep links’) right to your favorite products, ArabClicks’ SmartLink is able to eliminate the problems associated with navigating an advertiser’s website, thus cutting your failed conversion rate and increasing your affiliate sales.

How Do I Use SmartLink?

Creating SmartLinks after logging into ArabClicks site is as simple as 1,2,3. 

1. Find a Product to Promote- Visit your desired advertiser’s website and select a product that you want to promote. Copy the URL (web address) from the bar at the top.

2. Click ‘Add Deep Link’ and paste the URL into the ‘Add Deep Link’ box on the advertiser offer page. Click the + sign on the right.

3. Copy Your SmartLink from the grey box on the top left. Share it with your audience!

Yes, it’s that easy! 
You can also learn more here:  Guide / Video, or create SmartLinks with your mobile using the ArabClicks App: Android / iOS

Expert Tips

Once you’ve understood the basics, you can work on optimizing your SmartLink usage.

Shorten Your SmartLink

You can easily shorten your SmartLink to make it more attractive and easy to remember – especially helpful when your affiliate marketing strategy involves a medium like Instagram which doesn’t let you post a lot of hyperlinks. 

On the ArabClicks site, you can do this automatically by clicking the ‘Generate TinyURL’ box just to the right of the grey box where your long SmartLink appears.

Use the ArabClicks App

Create TinyURL SmartLinks even easier – and on the go – with the ArabClicks App! Download the app for Android/iOS and in just a couple of clicks you’ll create & post shortened SmartLinks using only your mobile.  

Want to know more? Watch this. 

Choose The Right Products

You’ll achieve success with SmartLink when you don’t just send your audience to a product on the advertiser’s website, but to the right product.

When choosing a product to promote, consider your audience problems, fears or desires, the quality and reliability of the advertiser and the product brand, and how much commission you’ll make by selling it. 

The above criteria will help you choose the most appropriate and profitable products to SmartLink.

Craft Effective Text Links

A SmartLink hyperlinked behind a piece of text is a great way to maximize the effect from your SmartLinks – and could get you double the clicks of just your SmartLink alone. Ideas for text links include the name of the product, or a well-crafted CTA. 


We hope you’ve enjoyed this blog on how to increase your affiliate marketing income with ArabClicks SmartLink. 

But don’t stop here! For a full visual demonstration, check out our step-by-step SmartLink Guide & Video.  

Or if you feel ready to start, simply sign up and jump right in!

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