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5 Ways to Make or Break Your Affiliate Marketing Career

In any industry, there are certain things you can do that will make or break your success. Affiliate Marketing is no different. 

As with any industry, you’ll need to apply strategy, dedication and some time investment to start off right. But not every industry gives you a chance to make money while pursuing your passions and expressing your creativity. 

5 Ways to Make or Break Your Affiliate Marketing Career

5 Do’s and Dont’s to Make or Break Your Affiliate Marketing Career

How to make money online as an affiliate marketer and what will stop you from succeeding! Follow this 5 golden rules to earn high commissions monthly!

  1. DO Create Unforgettable Content.

    The most successful affiliate all have a large stream of organic traffic – people who visit and revisit their website or social channel because it’s unique, engaging and provides them with real value. 

    Whatever your medium of choice – video, written content, emails or striking photography, providing substantive content shows you’re a reliable source of information.  When you do this over and over on the daily and people realize they can count on you for what you do, a trust is formed that you can then use to make money promoting a product or service as an affiliate marketer.

    Whatever you do, however, when promoting a product with your affiliate link, give real-life examples of you using the product, and genuinely smart advice on how to be a super-user. 

  2. DON’T Spam Your Audience.

    The flip side of the first piece of advice in this Blog is that if you want your audience to keep trusting you (after all you have worked hard to earn their good opinion) avoid posting any content that will break their trust.

     Don’t post any content that’s completely unrelated to your usual themes, or content that will catch your audience by surprise in a bad way. 

    The short term results of actions like this could be plenty of traffic to the advertiser’s site – but few conversions. The long term results could be a significant loss of traffic to your channel.

  3. DO Pick A Topic And Stick With It.

    Many new affiliate marketers make the mistake of promoting too many diverse product and brands that are not related to the subject matter of their channel and therefore interest area of their established channel audience. 

    If you want to bring quality leads and your channel so far has been all about travel, choose affiliate travel offers to promote on your channel – not, say, electronics.

  4. DON’T Use Prohibited Marketing Methods.

    Before you get your tracking codes for any advertiser you want to promote, ArabClicks Network requires you to click to agree to the Terms & Conditions of that particular advertiser. It’s worth it to actually take the time to read those terms – and re-reference them whenever necessary, because they’ll tell you clearly what you can and cannot do while promoting for the particular advertiser. 

    Typical things you cannot do might include bidding on Google search traffic using an advertiser’s Brand name and variations thereof, creating Facebook advertizer pages with variants of a Brand name and similar. 

    This is not to say that all advertisers prohibit this, but if you do it when you’re not allowed, you could lose commissions, be completely banned from working with that Advertiser –  or even terminated from the Network.

  5. DO Strategically Place Your Tracking Links.

    Make it easy for your audience to find your tracking links. In order to get paid a commission, your audience has to arrive to the advertiser’s site. So don’t make them scroll around looking for where to click.

    In actionable terms, what this means for you Bloggers, is while it’s great to pepper your content with product mentions, make sure a fair number of these mentions are actually hyperlinked to your tracking link. Instagram influencers, make sure shortened versions of your affiliate links are prominently featured on the actual product photo, as well as in the caption. Emailers, place CTAs (calls-to-action) throughout your text – not just at the very bottom.

    In any channel, the most important thing is simply to make your CTAs easy to find and frequent enough.


We hope this short list of make-or-break items will help you towards a long and lucrative affiliate career. If you heed these 5 simple points, they’ll take you a long way towards your success as an affiliate marketer and will protect you from the most common and dangerous pitfalls along the way. 
If you haven’t yet, take your first, crucial step now. Sign up at and take off into the great beyond!

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