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How to Make Money With Coupon Codes

Did you know? Up to 80% of consumers use coupon codes when shopping online. In fact – $3.1 billion was saved world wide last year due to coupon codes. How is this relevant for affiliate marketers? Affiliate marketing requires a mix of various elements to be successful. But whichever promotion strategy you prefer, you can make money with coupon codes.

This is because coupon codes, otherwise known as discount codes, promo codes or simply coupons can do a lot toward motivating your potential purchasers toward conversion.

Be successful affiliate marketing – with Coupon Codes!

  1. Create engaging content regularly to interest your audience and keep them coming back for more
  2. Find coupons for brands and products that your audience will truly relate to & that pay you well too!
  3. Compel your audience to buy with a coupon! Close the deal to make your commission!

Why You Will Make Money With Coupon Codes

Because what is almost as fun as making money? Saving money, of course! 

And when you give people a discount coupon, you’re helping them save money. More than half of all online consumers head online to seek out coupon codes before they buy – and 81% say that they want promotions targeted to their product preferences. 

By knowing your audience’s wants, loves, desires and pain points, you are the perfect person to know your follower’s product preferences.  And by giving them coupon codes on the exact brands and products they want – YOU will make money as an affiliate marketer.

Make Money With Coupons + Any Other Strategy You Like

Because using coupon codes can combine with virtually any other kind of promotions as part of your conversion strategy –  you can use discount codes to supercharge just about any other type of affiliate strategy. 

No matter what kind of product promotions strategy you like to use – from product reviews, to banner ads, email newsletters, and paid traffic – adding a code for sweet 10 – 25% off will definitely get them excited – and give you a greater chance of earning a commission.

It’s a great way to push your potential purchasers who are considering a decision over the top.  

What Kind of Coupon Codes Are There?

There are two main kinds of coupon codes that affiliates use to make money. Both give a great discount to your audience and motivate them to buy, but how your affiliate commissions get tracked is different for each. 

These are general discount codes that provide your audience with an additional incentive to buy. Share your Coupon Code with your SmartLink to record your conversions

ArabClicks Online Coupons List

ArabClicks TIP: From ArabClicks Best Deals & Coupons page, just click Get Link on the right side and follow the instructions on the Advertiser page to get your link. Then share your personal link and your promo code to increase your sales & get paid for every one!

2. Offline Coupon Codes – also known as personal codes, code-tracked discounts, coupon attribution, or redemption coupons

These are exclusive coupon codes tied to a specific affiliate. These coupons track sales based on your personal discount code – without a SmartLink.

Arabclicks Offline coupons list

Click Ask For Coupon, then Request Approval – or request a personal discount code from your account manager. Share this code with your audience and you’ll earn a commission every time someone uses it to make a purchase.

Offline/ redemption coupon codes are ideal for social media as they don’t require external links.  Instagram, Facebook and Twitter do not like posts that direct users outside their site. So when you use redemption coupons instead of tracking links you’ll organically reach many more people.

Trust us. Using a single short redemption coupon code to both motivate your audience to buy and to track your sales is by far the simplest and most effective way to make money affiliate marketing using social media.

Want more information? Learn more about the different types of coupons and how to use them HERE.


  1. Online Coupon- You typically do product reviews and makeup demos on YouTube. At the end of your review, share an online coupon code with your audience for 22% off LookFantastic to give your viewers a sweet incentive to buy. Get your Look Fantastic Coupon Code NOW

    Include a tracked affiliate link and repeat the coupon code in your product description and we promise you – you’ll make a bunch more conversions that you would without adding the coupon code. 
  2. Offline Coupon– You typically use paid advertising to put your banners on Instagram in front of targeted groups of potential purchasers. Add a personal tracked code for 10% off Noon to your next banner ad, and watch your commissions sail through the roof! Get your Noon Coupon Code NOW

    Every time someone uses your personal coupon code at checkout to get a discount, you earn a commission!

    Making money with coupons really works. Try it for yourself!

How Can I Check My Coupon Code Earnings?

For Online Codes – which are used with your affiliate tracking link, you can simply check your earnings by Advertiser in your ArabClicks Performance Report. Learn more here.

Offline Codes – used to be a lot harder to track. But luckly, ArabClicks just created a great new Coupon Report to help you see all your coupon earnings, simply and easily! Learn more here.

You can see all the coupon codes you’ve ever been personally issued, and you can check your earnings by brand and date. See for yourself! 

It’s that easy.


Closing the deal means convincing your audience to actually buy pull out their wallet and buy, and 90% of consumers stated that promotions influence the amount they spend and which items they purchase – naming price as a top motivator in considering a purchase. Giving your audience a discount coupon can be a great way to create this motivation.  

Who has the best selection of updated and exclusive coupon codes available to affiliates anywhere on the web? ArabClicks has exclusive coupon codes just about in every category. Sign up to start making money with coupon codes TODAY!

How to Make Money With Coupon Codes – Frequenlty Asked Questions

Q: What are Affiliate Coupon codes?

A: Affiliate coupon programs are when a brand gives an affiliate marketer a dedicated promo code or affiliate link so they receive credit for all the sales that they generate and then the brand pays the affiliate marketer a commission for those sales. Make money with Coupon codes and Discount codes as part of a successful affiliate partnership.

Q: Are there different types of Affiliate Coupon Codes?

A: There are two main kinds of affiliate coupon codes that affiliates use to make money. Both give a great discount to your audience and motivate them to buy. The main difference is how your affiliate commissions get tracked. 
1. Online Coupon Codes – also known as promo codes & link-tracked codes These are general discount codes that provide your audience with an additional buying incentive. You can earn more with Discount codes when you share via your Smart Link to record your conversions. 
2. Offline Coupon Codes – also known as personal coupon codes, code-tracked discounts, Coupon attribution, or Redemption coupons. These are exclusive coupon codes tied to a specific affiliate.These coupons track sales based on your personal discount code – without a Smart Link.

A: Are Coupon Codes Safe?

Q: Absolutely! Just be sure to only use coupon codes, link- tracked coupons and personal discount codes provided by your trusted affiliate partners, as recommended by Arab Clicks Affiliate Network. Remember, when you give people a discount coupon, you’re helping them save money and ensuring a profitable money making affiliate transaction for yourself.

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