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8 Ways To Pick Offers That Earn You Cash

You might be interested in affiliate marketing to earn money online and make some extra cash on top of your day job – or maybe you want develop affiliate marketing as your main income stream. In either case, picking the right Advertiser Offers to promote to your audience couldn’t be more important to your success. 
Here are some great tips from successful Affiliates to send you in the right direction: 

Earn money online with the best affiliate marketing strategy - 8 Ways To Pick Offers That Earn You Cash

How to Pick Offers that Earn you More Money

Promote products that are:

  1. Your Favorites

    Because you are using your reputation and the trust you’ve built with your audience to sell products, promo-ing products you really love will always work best. 
    You don’t have to love every product you sell, but you should provide in-depth product knowledge to help bridge that gap. Familiarize yourself with the product before the review – use it, read up on it. It’s also helpful to your audience if you can sort out the pros and cons, as well as expert user tips.

  2. High Quality

    Because the advertisers you promote become tied into your reputation, only promote advertisers and products that will help you and your channel grow. If you only promote products and brands that you KNOW are high quality, you’ll continue to build trust with your followers and you’ll make more money too because your reputation for recommending trustworthy products will grow over time. 
    Promoting poor quality products is not in your best interests because not only this will break trust with your followers, but if audience returns the product, you don’t get your commission.

  3. Highly-Paid

    Choose advertisers that give good commissions. Because your customer will get the same product in any case, if you have three advertisers offering different commissions to sell the same item, you should definitely put more effort into promoting the one that will pay you the most. 
    That said, the same holds true for products. If you have a choice between promoting three items which are all relevant to your audience, and the commission is paid as a percentage, choose the largest item.
    ? Example:
    You’ve picked three items to promote that you think your audience will like. One is worth $10, the next $100, and the next $1000. With a 5% commission, you’ll make $0.50 selling the first item, $5 selling the second item and $50 selling the third. Why not put most of your efforts into promoting the third?

  4. Sold by Trusted Advertisers

    Selling products from a trusted advertiser is almost as important as the actual brand of the product itself. Problems in shipping or with the product can occur, and knowing you’re working with a fulfillment team that’s reliable and trustworthy makes all the difference. 
    You want to know that from start to finish, your audience will have a good customer experience with the advertiser you sent them to, because, after all, your reputation is now tied with theirs.

  5. Coupons and Promotions

    Because ArabClicks gives its affiliates exclusive promotion codes & discount coupons in just about every category, once you’ve figured out what your audience really wants and needs, you can send them a great deal on that exact thing & make more sales.

  6. Competitors

    Look for advertisers that are selling well in your channel and promote their competitors if they have an affiliate offer. Offering your audience a selection for where to buy is usually a good thing, because not only are people more inclined to buy when they have a choice, but customers might have different reasons than you do for preferring one advertiser over another. 
    The same holds true for competitive brands of a particular item even if they are sold by the same advertiser. For example, if you do a review of the newest Samsung tablet, you might make more sales overall if you give at least a little time to the latest Huawei and Lenovo models so your audience has a choice.

  7. Relevant to your audience

    If you have a blog or channel about travel, it doesn’t make sense to start promoting video game consoles all of a sudden – unless you can find a way to tie the two together (maybe a tiny, handheld video game console perfect for long flights?)
    What does make sense is to find affiliate offers for all the products associated with your chosen theme, and promote these. (Eg. travel agencies, tour companies, travel insurance, travel gear for parents, suitcases, travel clothes, adventure travel gear, technology for travel…)

  8. Wanted & Needed

    Figure out what your audience really wants or needs and promote an advertiser that solves their problem. This means creating a customer profile for your customers (or audience, if you haven’t started selling) to discover products which fit their needs. 
    You can also ask them straight out what they want! Ask them to tell you in your comments, complete a survey, or reply to an email you sent. 
    Also, if you don’t have a lot of followers already, you can check out the competition to see what’s working and grow your channel in the same theme.


We hope you’ve enjoyed this article and our tips on how to pick affiliate offers that will earn you the most. You can also learn more here at the ArabClicks Academy including Tips To Reach Your First $100, or our great Beginner’s Guide to Affiliate Marketing

Because every successful Affiliate must find their own unique style, the most important thing is to watch your Reports and see what is working for you. 

Keep learning, and keep experimenting, and you’ll find your groove – we promise!

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