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Affiliate Terms Glossary – D to Z

When you begin with affiliate marketing, there are a lot of new terms thrown around. We at ArabClicks have created a mini affiliate marketing dictionary to cut through the confusion and simplify some of the terms you’ll see on our site and throughout the industry.  

Here is the first part of the ArabClicks Dictionary – ABCs

This post is the second in Affiliate Terms Glossary.
Check out affiliate marketing dictionary terms – D through Z:

Deep Link – also SmartLink. An affiliate link that arrives directly to the products you want – and not to the advertiser’s homepage. Make more $ with Smartlink – learn how.

Discount Code –  A unique code used at checkout on an advertiser’s site to give the customer a discount. Check ArabClicks list of exclusive discount codes – here.

Domain Name – The unique name that identifies a website, like arabclicks in

EPC – Earnings Per Click – a way of understanding how much commission has been earned from each click on an affiliate link

Email Link – An affiliate link sent in a dedicated email or part of a larger newsletter.

Email Marketing – The practice of gathering, managing and advertising to a list of subscribers through email.

Exclusive Coupon – A discount code only available through a certain provider, for example, ArabClicks. For a full list of ArabClicks’ exclusive discount codes – check here.

Generate SmartLink – Create a SmartLink or Deep Link for a particular product. Generate SmartLinks easily with your mobile: Android / iOS

HTML – Hypertext Mark-up Language. The language in which most websites are constructed.

Influencer – Individuals (or creative teams) who use their knowledge, personality and creativity to deliver value to their audience in their social channels. For an example, see Influencer Ahmed Elgarnosy’s review of the ArabClicks App.

Impression – The number of times an ad has been displayed on any internet user’s screen. Not related to the number of clicks or actions the ad has received.

IP Address – Internet Protocol Address. The number assigned to each computer so that their activities on the internet can be identified and tracked. 

JPEG – A graphics format which displays photos in millions of colors.

Keyword – Single word or short phrase used in internet searches to find specific information. 

Landing Page – A page created for the sole purpose of driving visitors to take a very specific action – for example,to share their email address.

Lead – A potential customer referred to an advertiser. The lead shares their contact information on the advertiser site, and the affiliate receives a commission.  

Link – A coded piece of text that sends a visitor to a web address when clicked. Tracking links send the visitor to the same web address but credit the affiliate with a commission if the visitor buys something.   

LinkConverter – A tool from ArabClicks that crawls through a website’s code, converting all normal product links into paying affiliate links. More info here.

Link Building – putting links on your site from other sites. Asking (or paying) others to put a link to your page on their site.   This helps with SEO.

Media Buying – Purchasing a placement for a particular brand or product within TV, print media or internet based content.

Meta Description – A short description of your page for search engines.

Meta Title – The title of your page that someone sees in an internet search.

Meta Tags – Page information placed in the HTML header. This information is hidden from the typical site visitor.

Merchant – also Advertiser – the party who creates and/or sells products and services. Popular ArabClicks advertisers include Noon, Emirates, GroupOn, Tajawal, Sprii, Sivvi and Faces. Full list here.

Network- the party who mediates the advertiser/affiliate relationship. ArabClicks, as an affiliate network, provides a list of advertisers to choose from, supplies the affiliate tracking links, reports on tracked purchases and pays the commission to each affiliate.  

Offer – An affiliate program’s terms and conditions.  The Offer terms & conditions list target markets, commission structure, cookie life, and more. Check Offer terms & conditions also for marketing activities you can and cannot use to promote an Advertiser’s products and services.

Offline Code – also Coupon Redemption or Code-Tracked Coupon. A unique coupon code issued to an affiliate by an advertiser that is used to track the affiliates sales instead of a tracking link. Request ArabClicks Offline Codes here!

Online Code –  also Link-Tracked Coupon. A discount code shared potential customers as an incentive to buy but which doesn’t negate the need for a tracking link. Full updated list of ArabClicks Online Codes.

Optimization – To improve the speed, flow, or user experience of an app, website, or marketing campaign. To make something work better.

Page Source – The HTML code that’s used to create a webpage.

Payout – The payment an affiliate receives with their commissions earned.

Payment Threshold – The sum of commissions an affiliate must earn before a payout check is issued by the network. Usually $100-$500.  

Performance Report – A report showing an affiliate how their clicks, conversions and payouts change over time.  Learn how to use ArabClicks Reports.

Pop-Up/Pop Under – An advertising browser window that pops up or pops under the website the visitor actually intended to visit.

PPC – Pay-Per-Click. An advertising model in which an advertiser pays when their ad is clicked. 

Publisher – An individual or company that runs a website. Learn more about ArabClicks’ Publisher Services.

Reach – Also Impressions. The number of unique users exposed to an advertisement during a given time period.

Remarketing –  Delivers targeted ads to users based on the pages or products they have engaged with or searched for.

Referral Program – An incentive program whereby an affiliate can receive a bonus from the network by referring their friends. ArabClicks referral program pays 3% additional bonus on all referred commissions for a whole year.

Site Optimization – Technical and content changes to a website to make it more user friendly and effective as a marketing tool.

SEO – Search Engine Optimization relevant technical and content improvements that ‘improve your rank’ (make your site more visible) in internet searches. 

SmartLink – also Deep Link. An affiliate link that arrives directly to the products you want – not just to the advertiser’s homepage. Learn more here.

Social Media – Interactive platforms created to share text and graphic content within virtual communities and networks.

SubID – A way of tracking which channel or marketing campaign a conversion came from.

Tracking – The record of clicks and conversions using an affiliate’s tracking link or unique discount code. 

Tracking Link –  A unique web address that sends a customer to an advertiser’s website crediting a commission to the affiliate who sent them. These links are embedded in banners, text etc. Get tracking from ArabClicks in 5 mins or less! Learn how

Traffic – The number of visitors to a website or social channels.

Transaction – An accepted, pending or rejected sale made at an advertiser website. 

Transaction ID – The id number for an affiliate sale – used for pulling up the sale status in the affiliate network conversion report. 

Unique Coupon Code – also Offline Code or Coupon Redemption. A discount code issued to a single affiliate used to track sales without a tracking link. See a list of ArabClicks’ Unique Coupon Codes here!

Unique User – A distinct individual who visits a website or makes a purchase verified using an IP address and one other identifier.

URL – A web address. This is the text at the top of a webpage that tells the browser where to go. 

Visitor – A user who arrives to a website by clicking a link, or typing in URL or web address into their browser.

Web Based Offer – An affiliate offer only good for leads or purchases on the advertiser’s website – not in their app. 

Web Browser – A piece of software on a computer, tablet or phone used to access various web addresses.

Web Portal – A website that brings together information from diverse sources in a uniform way.

XML Feed – A simple lightweight way to distribute paid advertisements across web platforms.


We hope this second post in the affiliate marketing dictionary has helped you cut through some of the confusion that you may have had around various affiliate marketing terms. 
If you’re still wondering about an affiliate marketing dictionary term that you don’t see in this post or in the Affiliate Marketing Dictionary Part 1 – just shoot us an email here

We’re happy to support you with the knowledge you need to make money affiliate marketing!  You can also check out our great videos and step-by-step guides
For a comprehensive introduction to affiliate marketing, check out our Beginner’s Guide to Affiliate Marketing

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