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Been looking for business ideas to earn money online working from home? With ArabClicks Affiliate Marketing Network, you can start your online business and gain immediate access to over 200 TOP GCC and international brands. Craft a digital marketing strategy using affiliate program that naturally fit your channel and your content. Promote coupons and deals on products and services that your audience really wants and needs – and get paid a commission on every purchase!

ArabClicks has developed a set of tools to make it much easier to earn money online with digital marketing! We support your online business with affiliate marketing strategy “cheat sheets” like our TOP OFFERS page (pictured below). Here you can find our highest paying and best-converting offers updated in real-time, all in one place!

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Understanding the ArabClicks Top Offers Page

  • Offer – This is the name of the affiliate marketing offer, hyper-linked to the ArabClicks Affiliate Marketing page with all important details + terms & conditions from the advertiser.
  • Offer Type – This column tells you how you can track your audience purchases so can receive a  commission for every purchase. Some offers use tracking coupons (coupon attribution), others use tracked links.
  • Commission – Here you’ll find the payout you can expect to receive for each sale made from the offer. CPA offers give you a set monetary amount no matter what the purchase size; CPS offer pay you as a percentage of the order amount.
  • GEO – This column tells you in which countries you can promote this offer. The advertiser will only pay commission on sales from the geo-locations listed.

ArabClicks Affiliate Marketing – Work with TOP GCC & International BrandsArabClicks has over 200 amazing advertisers we work with so you have a broad choice of top international and GCC brands you can promote to make money with affiliate marketing.

How to Work With Coupon-Tracked Affiliate Programs

Be focussed on finding what works for you –
each affiliate marketer has to find their unique style of promoting that delivers value to their particular audience members and that their followers respond to.

Some affiliates love working with coupons. They find it very easy to simply share discount codes with their audience – and their audience finds this helpful as well and responds favorably.

What’s even better, because the advertiser tracks each coupon code back to the exact affiliate marketer who promotes it, each sale made with your personal coupon code is automatically attributed to you – resulting in these coupons sometimes being referred to as “attribution coupons”.

ArabClicks has lots of coupon codes you can share with your audience to give them 10%, 20% even 25% or more off top brands they probably already love and shop at.

Here are just a few of ArabClicks best-converting coupon-based affiliate marketing programs. For the latest updated list, please check our Best Coupons & Deals page.

Note – to see this page you must sign up as an ArabClicks affiliate marketer.

How to Work With Link-Tracked Affiliate Marketing Offers

Some affiliates prefer to digital market with link-tracked offers because it just gives so many more options for promotion.

Digital marketers can hide their tracked affiliate marketing links behind hyper-text words or sentences, or behind images or banners on their site.


Link-tracked offers are also well-loved by product reviewers because they allow for powerful digital marketing strategies such as SmartLinking the specific product or page to which the affiliate marketer wants to send their traffic.

Instead of a follower or audience member landing on the advertiser’s home page and having to find their way to the product specified, they are linked directly to the product sales page.

And remember – one of the best things about working with link-tracked offers is that your audience members do not have to maintain active continuous user intent from your digital marketing content to the point of purchase. 
Your audience can click on your tracked link and simply forget to do anything until the next day, or the next week, or two even. When your user activates and decides to go buy, as long as the cookie is still active, you earn a commission.

Depending on the cookie length, a SmartLink clicked by a user can earn you a commission for a purchase made as long as 30 days after your audience member clicked your link!

Using link-tracked affiliate marketing offers and available creative images from the brands themselves, digital marketers who run websites can simulate the appearance that they’ve rented part of their page as ad space with a company such as Google Ads.

This is a marketing strategy that allows smart affiliate marketers to earn a commission every time someone clicks on their banner and makes a purchase from the third party site – without having to personally present the affiliate offer in their own blogspace or marketing copy.

ArabClicks offers a great tool for just such a strategy – Called ArabClicks Display – which rotates a pre selected group of banners from a pre-approved list of advertisers such that the best-converting banners are presented more than the others. Learn more about ArabClicks Display.

Pick the Right Offers for Your Digital Marketing Channel

 Your unique channel theme and image will do a lot to influence which brands and products your audience will respond to.

The kind of content you produce – and the topics on which you connect with your audience will undoubtedly influence the kind of offers you’ll be able to effectively promote in your digital marketing channel.

Top Fashion Affiliate Marketing Offers on ArabClicks

If you’re a fashionista who WOWs your audience with your unique and cutting edge style, you can easily earn money online by promoting the BEST GCC and international fashion offer in your channel:

  1. Namshi Affiliate Program
  2. Shein Affiliate Program
  3. H&M Affiliate Program
  4. CentrePoint Affiliate Program
  5. 6th Street Affiliate Program
  6. FarFetch Affiliate Program
  7. Splash Affiliate Program
  8. Ounass Affiliate Program
  9. FootLocker Affiliate Program
  10. LifeStyle Affiliate Program

Top Beauty & Health Affiliate Marketing Offers on ArabClicks

If you have a health & beauty blog where you keep your followers up-to-date and inform them about the latest makeup & perfume looks and seasonal trends – you’ll definitely want to check out these top-converting & paying beauty & health offers from ArabClicks:

  1. Faces Affiliate Program
  2. iHerb Affiliate Program
  3. Sephora Affiliate Program
  4. Bath & Body Works Affiliate Program
  5. GoldenScent Affiliate Program
  6. LookFantastic Affiliate Program

Top Tech Affiliate Marketing Offers on ArabClicks

You love to keep your audience up to date with the latest smart device & accessories – mobiles, tablets, laptops, TVs, game consoles & their accessories are your wheelhouse.

Your best digital marketing strategy is to share coupons and onsite discounts for latest devices with your audience –  and earn a commision while getting your audience the hottest devices at the best prices. Check out these high-paying ArabClicks technology affiliate marketing offers:

  1. Amazon Affiliate Program 
  2. Noon Affiliate Program 
  3. Jumia Affiliate Program 
  4. Ebay Affiliate Program 
  5. AliExpress Affiliate Program 
  6. X-Cite Affiliate Program

Top Home & Garden Affiliate Marketing Offers on ArabClicks

You’re a real homemaker or DIY-er and as such your audience loves to see the latest kitchen appliance & home décor essentials you’ve mastered. Promote ArabClicks Home Essentials affiliate marketing offers & earn money online from all your follower purchases:

  1. Amazon Affiliate Program 
  2. Home Box Affiliate Program<
  3. Home Centre Affiliate Program
  4. Souq Affiliate Program
  5. AliExpress Affiliate Program 

Top Mom & Baby Affiliate Marketing Offers on ArabClicks

You’re a super-mom and everybody knows it. Your audience loves to follow your tips, tricks and the top babycare, toys and fashion products you show them on your digital marketing channel. Your top marketing strategy will be to share how to buy your favorite products at the best prices.

Get ArabClicks discount coupons for your favorite stores and share them with your audience to earn money online beyond your wildest dreams! To get started, here are ArabClicks’ top Mom & Baby affiliate marketing offers:

  1. BabyShop Affiliate Program
  2. MotherCare Affiliate Program
  3. Mumzworld Affiliate Program
  4. Sprii Affiliate Program
  5. Souq Affiliate Program
  6. Amazon Affiliate Program 

Top Travel Affiliate Marketing Offers on ArabClicks

Are you a world-traveler who loves to travel to different places and review all aspects of the trip? Pay for your traveling lifestyle and make yourself a custom career digital marketing ArabClicks affiliate marketing travel offers! Just share tracked links and coupons and make money online with every purchase:

  1. Affiliate Program
  2. Air Arabia Affiliate Program
  3. Etihad Airways Affiliate Program
  4. Flyin Affiliate Program
  5. Agoda Affiliate Program
  6. Rehlat Affiliate Program
  7. GoIndigo Affiliate Program
  8. Budget Rental Car Affiliate Program
  9. Emirates Affiliate Program
  10. Avis Rental Car Affiliate Program
  11. Oyo Affiliate Program

Top Entertainment Affiliate Marketing Offers on ArabClicks

If you’re fond of living the good life and sharing your fine dining, entertainment and exciting lifestyle with your audience, you can earn money online simply by sharing discounts on your favorite entertainment, dining & lifestyle venues. For a can’t-lose digital marketing strategy, start with these ArabClicks Entertainment affiliate marketing offers:

  1. StarzPlay Affiliate Program
  2. Groupon Affiliate Program
  3. Rayna Tours Affiliate Program
  4. The Entertainer Affiliate Program
  5. Tickets 365 Affiliate Program


We hope you’ve enjoyed and gained significant insight from the list of ArabClicks Top Offers we’ve provided you above. If there’s one thing we at ArabClicks hope that you take away after reading this article, it’s that you can make money online working from home by starting an online business that works for you! Once you join ArabClicks, we help you craft a digital marketing strategy that is as unique as your channel and the content you create for it, so you can succeed in your online business – and bless your family and all those around you with the money you will make!
Get started TODAY! Join the ArabClicks Affiliate Marketing family. You’ll be glad you did – we promise.

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