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Why Use Tracking Links

This is the second video in this series entitled Why Use Tracking Links.
If you want to know – what are the differences between Tracking Links  vs. Tracking Coupons and why experienced affiliates prefer link tracking- you’ve come to the right place!

In affiliate marketing, each purchase is tracked with a unique link or discount code that is connected to your affiliate profile. 

Tracking Coupons are also called “Offline Codes” as well as “Coupon Redemption” & “Coupon Attribution Codes”.
Tracking coupons are personal codes you can share with your audience – each affiliate gets a unique code.
These codes are provided to you by ArabClicks – when your follower enters your code at the advertiser checkout, they’ll enjoy a discount and you’ll get a commision for their purchase.

This is in contrast with Tracking Links which pay you when someone clicks your links first and only then makes a purchase.
Both are best in different situations.

In which situations are Tracked Coupons best?

Because they work without using a tracked link, tracked coupon codes are ideal for social media.
Instagram, Facebook and Twitter reach algorithms don’t like when you post Links – because they send users off of their website.

However there are a lot of situations in which link-tracking is better.
Let’s discuss 6 main reasons why many experienced affiliates prefer tracking links.

  1. Earn for Longer with Cookies
    Depending on the cookie period – which is decided by each advertiser, you can earn from purchases that take place up to several weeks after the initial click.
    This means that you can capture profit from user intent when your audience are still in the research stage – locking in your commission for when they do decide to make their purchase.
    As long as your Tracking Link was the last one clicked, your cookie is stored in the customer browser, – so just one click can earn you commissions from multiple purchases.
    For example, if you promoted an AliExpress sale on your website but the user didn’t purchase on the same day, you’ll still earn a commission for this user purchase in the coming days or weeks – depending on the advertiser cookie period.

  2. In-Depth Performance Data
    With Tracking Links you get a full battery of data for all of your clicks and conversions so you can optimize your campaigns.
    And using link parameters, you can also track the different results you obtain from small variations in your promotional materials.
    This kind of in-depth data is simply unavailable when using tracking coupons.
    Find out more in our videos entitled –
  3. Wider Offer Selection
    You get wider offer selection when using Tracking Links. Many premium advertisers Such as …Aliexpress, homecentre, farfetch, x-cite, amazon and MANY MORE offer only Link tracking affiliate programs.
    Promote more offers – earn more money!

  4. You will Be able to Create SmartLinks – also known as “Deep Links
    SmartLink enables you to send your traffic right to the product or category pages you are featuring in your promotions. This is a great way to shorten your customer journey and thereby increase your conversions.
    To learn more about this be sure to check out our videos on SmartLink later in this series.

  5. You will Be able to use Tracking links with your Onsite Banners
    If you have a website or blog you can add affiliate links to your banner ad creative in order to leave your text ad-free
    Depending on the advertiser, you can get banners by logging into ArabClicks and looking at the bottom of each advertiser offer page.
    Even better – use ArabClicks’ Display to create your own AdGroups with one or more ArabClicks advertisers  – so you can optimize the banners on your site by revenue or by traffic.
    For more information, check out our simple PDF guide entitled –
  6. Product Links in your Blog Text
    This is a way to monetize your traffic without using a lot of pushy marketing copy.A favorite tool for all you website owners and bloggers  – Hyperlinked product mentions in your text are perfect way to keep your writing high quality – and still make money affiliate marketing by sending your audience to the relevant page on the advertiser site where they can buy this exact product.

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“Why Use Tracking Links” 

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