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Find & Get Approved for Link Tracked offers

This is the 3rd video in this series entitled – Find & Get Approved for Link Tracked Offers. If you want to know how to find link-tracked offers @ArabClicks and how to get approved to work with them – you’ve come to the right place!

ArabClicks has a TON of of premium Link Tracked offers – when you promote links with ArabClicks you’ll work with hundreds of GCC/MENA brands & a broad selection of international retailers. Now let’s have a look at where to find ArabClicks Link Offers:

Go to the ArabClicks “All Offers Page”. You can find this – after logging in to ArabClicks – on the left.
First choose OffersAll Offers.
Now you’ll see an extensive list of all our Advertisers – enjoy browsing the list – just avoid offers labeled ‘Coupon Offer’ which are tracked by only your affiliate coupon.

With so many offers to choose from, how can you find your favorite brands?
Narrow this extensive list down by using the search bars – right below the All Offers Title – or after the magnifying glass in the upper right hand corner. ↲
Or Filter – by clicking the down arrow – by country, payout, channels, OS, incentive and more. To use this feature:
First choose the filters you want, and click them to activate– We’ll choose Saudi Arabia – and shopping. Be sure what you’ve entered matches the preset options → Click AddApply.

As you can see we now have a list of relevant offers so you can choose advertisers that are right for your channel.
Let’s first look at BangGood – we’ll click the advertiser NAME for tracking links & offer details. As you can see, you must Agree to Terms and Conditions before you can promote this offer.
Under “Offer Details” at the top, see the Offer ID number, the included locations – aka target markets – & payout amounts. You’ll also see more details like accepted channels, OS, conversion type and more.
If you scroll down and look for the Offer “Description” you can verify that your offer is “link tracked”. Look at the Cookie period – to see how long your tracking link will pay your after your audience click.

You can also review other details like:

  • Validation Period – how long it takes an advertiser to approve your conversion.
  • App Integration – whether or not your tracking links work for purchases from the app.
  • Creative Requirements – whether or not you are required to use creative approved by the advertiser.

Lastly, don’t forget to read your offer’s Terms & Conditions 
After you click “Agree to Terms” you can start promoting this offer– Some ArabClicks offers require approval before you can start promoting them. Again, look underneath the Advertiser name at the top of the page. 
If your offer says “This offer is restricted to approved affiliates only” → Click Request Approval (the green button just below)  Check your email for next steps to get your offer approval.

Let’s take a minute right now to talk about Restricted offers – and the extra steps you’ll need to take to get offer approval.

First, what does it mean when an offer is “restricted to approved affiliates” ? 
This means an account manager Will review your ArabClicks profile before approving you for this offer To speed up the approval and payment.
Complete your ArabClicks Profile – NOW!

You might be wondering –  How can you choose the right offers for your specific channel and audience?
With so many great options, how can you know which offers will make you the most money?
The answer is – while you should always pick offers that have good payouts and are relevant for your channel in terms of product, category & target geo… 
We’ve also made things easier for you with a couple of simple informative tools to help you increase your Conversion Rate:

  • ArabClicks’ Top Offers Page
    This is a short list showing you which offers ArabClicks recommends most highly right now.
    After login you’ll find this page on the left First click Offers Top Offers.
    You can sort these handpicked top money makers by Offer Type – To promote tracking links, look for offers labeled Coupon or Link or – just Link.

  • Best Coupons & Deals Page
    First click Offers, then Best Coupons & Deals.
    This page lists current live coupons and deals for our advertisers. Sharing discounts is a great way to motivate your audience to buy.
    You can search by brand or filter by discount type – including online coupons which work with tracking links –  offline coupons and deals.

 Thanks for watching –
“Find & get approved for Link Tracked offers” 

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