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Using the SmartLink Generator

This is the 6th video in this series entitled – Why Use ArabClicks’ SmartLink, And is one of 3 videos in this series that focus on SmartLinks. If you want to learn why use ArabClicks SmartLink Generator, where to find the SmartLink Generator & how to create 50 SmartLinks with just 1 click – you’ve come to the right place!

ArabClicks SmartLinks – often called Deep Links – are a type of modified Tracking Link that bring your audience right to the specific product or category page you’ve chosen to promote on the Advertiser’s ecommerce website.

SmartLinks are an amazing tool because when you send your audience to the advertiser homepage up to  60% of users get lost or distracted & never make it to the product you were promoting.
Try SmartLinks – and you’ll see that shortening the customer journey can do a great deal to boost your bottom line!

A simple, powerful & tool With just one click, SmartLink Generator lets you create up to 50 links for any approved advertiser.
Use the SmartLink Generator to create tracked links to all your favorite product and category pages so you can raise your conversion rate & make more money!

To find SmartLink Generator, first Login to ArabClicks on the left click Tools choose SmartLink Generator.

Easily use the SmartLink Generator – In 3 simple steps – Here’s how:

  1. Check Your Approved Offers.
    You can only use the SmartLink Generator to create links for offers you’ve already been approved for. Use the pull-down menu to see all your approved Link Offers from ArabClicks. Select the offer you would like to promote. If you are not sure for which pages you’d like to create SmartLinks, you can jump from here to the advertiser site.

  2. Copy/Paste your chosen URLs from the Advertiser site
    To do this, you’ll need to select the products and categories you want to promote from the advertiser website:
    Just highlight the web address in the URL bar at the top. Copy the links – which you can then paste into the SmartLink Generator.
    You can enter up to 50 links, but be sure to paste in only one per line – so you’ll get a SmartLink for each page that you enter.
    Be sure you paste the links starting with the prefix http/https – exactly as they appear in the URL bar at the top of your browser window

  3. Enter a SubID (Optional)
    This is an optional step that allows you to add a tag for this batch of links – so that later you can see your performance divvied up – according to the custom tags you’ve entered. 
    Let’s create a unique tag for this batch of links – we’ll call them July_FB_Campaign.
    Later, we can compare our July FB campaign for Sprii with, for example, our July Twitter campaign & our July email campaign.
    See this data in your Conversion Report on the left under Reports – so you can see which campaigns converted best – and optimize your future promotions
    Learn more in our PDF guide – Customize Your Reports.

If you want to post your Tracking Links on social media in various messaging applications or anywhere else where you’d prefer a short attractive link – this is a useful option for you!
Just click the Shorten my SmartLink(s) option to the right of the “Create SmartLinks” button. Now all the SmartLinks created in this session will be shortened.
Be careful, however! Because shortened SmartLinks hide all identifying information you might not be able to tell them apart without clicking each link to see where it leads! Avoid this problem by organizing your original Advertiser URLs and your new SmartLinks side by side in a spreadsheet.
Also remember that your Shortened Links will take about 20 minutes to activate.
Onec you created your SmartLinks, you can copy them & use them in unique campaigns highlighting the advertiser pages we chose to promote.

 Thanks for watching –
“Using the SmartLink Generator” 

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