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Creating SmartLinks – from the Advertiser Offer Page

This is the 7th video in this series entitled – Creating SmartLinks – from the Advertiser Offer Page. And is one of 3 videos in this series that focus on SmartLinksIf you want to learn how to create SmartLinks (deep links) from ArabClicks Offer Pages, expert tricks for using SmartLink & how to keep track of different campaigns – you’ve come to the right place!

ArabClicks SmartLinks – often called Deep Links – are a type of modified Tracking Link that brings your audience right to the specific product or category page you’ve chosen to promote on the Advertiser’s ecommerce website.

SmartLinks are an amazing tool because when you send your audience to the advertiser homepage up to 60% of users get lost or distracted & never make it to the product you were promoting.
Try SmartLinks – and you’ll see that shortening the customer journey can do a great deal to boost your bottom line!
You should know that there are 2 ways to create your ArabClicks’s SmartLinks – from the ArabClicks SmartLink Generator– a powerful new tool that lets you make up to 50 SmartLinks in 1 click- and from the Advertiser Offer Page.

There are a few good reasons:

  1. Make all your advanced links in 1 convenient place – which is a page you already have to visit to get all of your offer details like payout, cookie terms & geos.
  2. You have a much greater selection of link customization options here than in any other place.

From your Approved Advertiser Page, look for the subheader “Customize Your Tracking Link” on the upper left & click the round colored button labeled “Add Deep Link” on the right.
As you see, this opens up another Deep Link field where you can add your advertiser URL. Then you’ll need to visit your chosen advertiser’s website & copy your product/category URL from the advertiser website.
Paste it into the rectangular field we showed you before, and click “Add” – on the right.

That’s it – you’ve created your Deep Link!
Now you can Copy your SmartLink (deep link) from the box above labeled ‘Your Tracking Link’

Now that you’ve learned the basics, here are some Expert Tips for Using SmartLink:

  1. Shorten your Link By Using Tiny URL Tool
    TinyURL is a link-shortening tool that makes your Tracking Links short and attractive, and thus friendlier for social media, various messaging applications & anywhere you don’t want to see a long cumbersome link.
    To use it, just click the Generate TinyURL option  to the right of Your Tracking Link – & as you can see, your link will automatically be shortened
    Now you just have to copy your shortened link & wait 15 – 20 minutes for it to activate before you copy it and share it anywhere you connect with your audience!

  2. Customize your SmartLink & Keep track of your Campaigns!
    his toolkit lets you label your SmartLink with several unique parameters allowing you to later to track exactly where, when, and from whom each click and conversion came.
    To use this feature, look for the header “Customize Your Tracking Link” – As you see, it’s located in the same area of the page as your SmartLink creator. Click to add a – 
    • traffic source
    • Choice of creative
    • Sub IDs (campaign ids)
    • Click IDs
    • Unique session info

Once you’ve selected a link customization option, fill in the appropriate fields & click the CTAs ‘Add’ or ‘Update’.

That’s it!– Your SmartLink is automatically updated above in the box labeled ‘Your Tracking Link’.
If you’ve chosen to create a “TinyLink”, then your short link sends users to will be updated with any custom tracking parameters you added
Find detailed info on all your campaigns in your Conversion Report. Find it on the left under Reports.
You can also learn more in our PDF guide entitle – Understanding Your Reports.

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“Creating SmartLinks from the Advertiser Offer Page” 

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