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Customize your ArabClicks Tracking Links

This is the 9th video in this series entitled – Customize your ArabClicks Tracking Links. If you want to learn how to customize your tracking link, how to keep track of different campaigns & how to enhance your performance data – you’ve come to the right place!

Customizing your tracking link allows you to keep track of various campaigns by adding tracking  parameters. These unique parameters allow you to label your tracking links – so that when you later look at your performance and conversion reports, you’ll be able to identify each click and conversion source.
See your performance divvied up according to the custom tags you’ve entered, discover which of your campaigns performed the best – and which results you should work to improve.

There are two places you can Customize your ArabClicks Tracking Links –

  1. From the Advertiser Offer Page
  2. From the SmartLink Generator

From an approved advertiser page, look for the header “Customize Your Tracking Link” – As you see, it’s located just below your Tracking Link. Click to add a – 

  • traffic source
  • Choice of creative
  • Sub ID (campaign id)
  • Click ID
  • Unique session info

Once you’ve selected a link customization option, fill in the appropriate fields & click the associated CTA – either ‘Add’ or ‘Update’.  
That’s it – now your tracking link is customized & you can copy it from the box labeled ‘Your Tracking Link’ above.
If you’ve chosen to create a “TinyLink” – your short link will remain small, but be updated in the database with any custom tracking parameters you added.

ArabClicks SmartLink Generator is a simple, powerful & tool that with 3 steps, lets you create up to 50 tracked links.
To find it, after login, choose Tools, in the menu on the left, then choose SmartLink Generator.

After choosing from your approved offers AND entering the product and category pages you want to promote from the Advertiser website  – you’ll have the opportunity in step 3 to Enter a SubID. This allows you to add a tag for this batch of links – so that later you can compare campaign performance.
Although the SmartLink Generator doesn’t offer as many customization options as the Advertiser Offer page, SUBID is one of the most widely used and flexible link customization options. You’ll find you can do a LOT with just this one tag.

Now that you’ve started customizing your tracking links, you’ll want to compare your campaigns & see which are converting best! Do this in your Conversion Report. 
Find it on the left under Reports → then click Conversion Report.
Learn more about how to read the data from your custom links in our video entitled- Understanding Your Reports.

Thanks for watching –
“Customize your ArabClicks Tracking Links” 

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