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ArabClicks Predictions 2021:

ArabClicks’ Affiliate marketing 2021 forecasts indicate that we can expect to earn money with new CPA marketing techniques this coming year – including fresh new social media marketing strategies & influencer marketing trends. Many factors also indicate that digital marketing with Google S Voice will become increasingly important. 

The COVID-19 pandemic and the resulting recession have impacted the Arab world tremendously. With more and more of our purchases taking place online, affiliate marketing has become more important than ever for any business marketing strategy.

1. Affiliate Marketing 2021 Trend #1 –
Growth in Online Shopping

The COVID-19 pandemic was a driving force in the increase of online shopping in 2020. Governments supported the transition to virtual shopping in order to reduce the numbers of people visiting physical stores. Analysts forecast that more and more people will be shopping online for health reasons, for reasons of convenience and due to influencer marketing trends 

Social media marketing strategies will be employed to meet shoppers’ demands for coupons, promotional codes, exclusive discounts and flash deals.

? ArabClicks’ Tips:

  • Using digital marketing with Google S Voice, marketers should promote the best coupons and deals from ArabClicks including seasonal mega sales and daily deals.
  • New earn money online with CPA marketing  tools will help marketers in promotion of services and international brands that are priced competitively and guaranteed in quality.
  • Marketers should inform potential customers regarding new products and services in a timely manner. Marketers should focus on clearly identifying the pros and cons of any purchase decision. It’s good practice to focus on the negatives of the “other” product when comparing it with “your” product.

2. Affiliate Marketing 2021 Trend #2 –
Rise in Micro-Influencer Engagement

This is the year of micro-influencer marketing trends and micro affiliates. Focus on small communities & forums to drive engagement.

Brands should focus on micro-influencers or micro-affiliates as well as on groups and small forums through social media marketing strategies and digital marketing with Google S Voice to increase the number of leads and sales. Earn money online CPA marketing predicts that increasing brand or product awareness will continue to focus on marketing to large follower bases. To meet the goal of increasing sales, brands will need to increase interaction and target smaller follower bases.  

2021 is the year that marketers will need to move beyond 2020’s short-range goal of simply limiting financial losses. Instead, in 2021, marketers should search for ways to increase profits through tight marketing strategies. Those strategies will need to be broader and more flexible in order to meet different market situations, including: 

  1. The continuation of the pandemic
  2. The end of the pandemic

? ArabClicks Tips:

3. Affiliate Marketing 2021 Trend #3 –
Short Video Content Remains King

Video content has become an increasingly important component of marketing strategies over the last decade and its weight is expected to continue to increase. All social media marketing strategies and marketing channels will be turning to influencer marketing trends to facilitate digital marketing using Google S Voice, TikTok, Instagram and other platforms. These platforms will serve to deliver the marketing message succinctly, directly and creatively. 

Those who want to maximize the earn money online CPA marketing strategies will need to stay on top of video marketing techniques.

? ArabClicks Tips:

  • Create engaging, creative video content with a focus on offering value and meaning.  
  • Review your promotional goals to ensure that they match your content
  • Remember that increasing reach is not the same as increasing the number of sales. The goal of video content is to increase reach. You will then need to follow up with other kinds of marketing techniques to increase sales.

4. Affiliate Marketing 2021 Trend #4 –
Channel Focus vs. Diversification

What marketing channels should you use? It depends on your activity, target audience and content.
Which is better?

  • Focus on 1 marketing channel 
  • Engage in multiple marketing channels

Whether you use one or multiple marketing channels will depend on your marketing strategy, your preferred platform (web or social), the audience you target, and the platforms in which that your target audience is most active.

You can focus all of your promotional activity on 1 platform where you perfect your strategic and direct marketing efforts. Refining your decision about the number of channels to use allows you to more accurately target your followers, customize your marketing, strengthen your relationships with viewers, build trust, track other trends in the channel, zero in on viewers’ needs, interests and shopping behaviors, follow viewers’ decision-making pathways and interact with potential customers. 

Channels to earn money online with CPA Marketing include social channels like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, SnapChat, Twitter, or your website, a blog, digital marketing with Google S Voice etc.

Maximizing the multiplicity of marketing channels is one strategy. Influencer marketing trends and social media marketing strategies include multiple marketing channels. The channels interact but each also focuses on its own role. Today, most marketers focus on 3 or more social media platforms so that they can diversify their content and add in other promotional platforms as needed (for example, using Instagram to promote a Snapchat post, etc). 

All of these channels should include:

  • Text content
  • Visual content
  • Audiovisual content

? ArabClicks Tips:

  • Use multiple marketing channels or focus on one channel but whatever you do, make sure that your content is valuable, attractive and meaningful.
  • Create content in one channel and then promote your channel through your other channels, for example: other social media platforms.

Google S Voice & voice search = long-tail keywords for SEO.

Voice search is the new “must do” for website publishers, bloggers, and other long-form content creators in 2021. Digital marketing with Google S Voice allows searchers to find information easily via voice commands. Voice commands work on smartphones, tablets and laptops.

Optimize digital marketing with Google S Voice by including key phrases designed to resemble natural speech – and which are more specific and detailed than traditional short key phrases. Long-tail keywords used by those searching with voice commands – eg “Noon Egypt best White Friday electronics deals” not simply “Noon Egypt deals”.

These are the types of keywords that are most often used for searches performed with Google S Voice, Siri and other AI assistants.  

? ArabClicks Tip:

  • Identify 1-5 primary concepts that you want to focus on in the content.
  • Use them in sentences naturally with other words that are related
  • A quick Google search will yield many free & paid tools to help you find relevant long-tail keywords

6. Affiliate Marketing 2021 Trend #6
Social Media Stores are Booming

In their virtual stores, platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, etc provide an easy-to-use check-out feature so marketers can promote and sell products using an integrated shopping experience. This integrated strategy facilitates expansion of sales due to the ability for customers to complete the payment process (check-out) easily via the marketing platform.  

? ArabClicks Tip:

The earn money online CPA marketing strategy encourages marketers to maximize this feature by ensuring that potential customers have access to coupons and discount codes. Those “special offers” give potential customers the feeling that they are getting more for their money and drive them to complete conversions.

7. Affiliate Marketing 2021 Trend #7
Ride the Influencer Marketing Wave

The Arab world has begun to adopt influencer marketing trends. Influencer marketing drives clicks, sales and conversions. 

ArabClicks predicts that affiliate marketing 2021 will only continue to grow and grow as the Arab world tunes in and catches on to this new digital strategy.

Luckily, ArabClicks specializes in influencer marketing trends- and keeps you up to date with Calendars, timely sales, and discounts & local consumer mindset & purchasing trends.

If you want to monetize your channel, or if you are looking for ways to maximize earning money online with CPA Marketing, ArabClicks will guide you towards achieving that goal.

The Final Word…

Affiliate marketing is expected to accelerate in 2021 thanks to new interest in online shopping, new social media platforms, new search techniques and other new digitized services. 

Many of the marketing trends that have emerged this year are expected to take us well into 2021 and beyond. There are new opportunities to make money online with the proper affiliate marketing 2021 strategies. 

However, the Affiliate Marketing 2021 forecast can change quickly. 2020 taught us how quickly the “known” can become the “unknown.” 

ArabClicks offers you ideas and techniques that allow you to maximize your conversions – no matter what your digital marketing strategy – so you can make more money online & faster.

Digital marketing with Google S Voice, influencer marketing trends and new social media marketing trends open new earn money online CPA marketing horizons.

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