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5 steps to make more with affiliate marketing: a digital marketing strategy guide to Facebook Ads & Instagram Ads

In the world of affiliate marketing, your income is dependent upon finding a digital marketing strategy to sell your chosen products and services to an audience that’s influenced by you and interested in what you have to offer. While the long term effectiveness of this strategy is based on the quality of the content you produce and your personal engagement with your followers, in the short term, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads & Twitter Ads can help you find more of the right people and grow your channel.

The world of e-marketing in general, and marketing via social media in particular, has witnessed amazing growth in recent years, with huge amounts of money invested and countless numbers of competitors and marketers: content makers, channels and brands. All this “noise” can make it difficult to be found and “heard” by your target market – which in turn makes it difficult to  grow your specific digital marketing niche.

Fortunately, there is a practical and reliable method to find the exact people who want to find you, which is an integral part of any successful marketing campaign in the modern digital marketing world, and that is: paid ads on social media – Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads to be precise!

By investing wisely in paid advertising, with a reasonable and moderate budget that you set yourself, you can leverage your affiliate marketing campaigns, so that your return on investment is positive and your bottom line increases.

How paid social campaigns can help you earn more money online?

1) Paid social campaigns help you reach more users

Facebook Ads reach the Feeds of more users introducing them to you and your channel content, or if they already follow you, increasing their awareness of you and your content. Instagram Ads and other paid social also drives traffic to your channels outside of social media (e.g. website, blog …).

2) Paid Social Campaigns help you target specific audiences

Paid advertising such as Facebook Ads offers you several smart and innovative tools that help you to sort users according to several categories to help you craft an affiliate marketing campaign with the optimum success rate, such as: location, gender, age group and more. Targeting audiences such as you can with Facebook Ads is one of the most important factors for your campaign success and achievement.

3) Social media Ads help you grow your bottom line.

Even though you pay something for Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads, you can set a budget with a modest cap that results in your material return on investment being positive. With paid Ads, you’ll reach more users within your target audience who actively need, want and are looking for your services. These people are motivated to interact with your specific content and respond to your calls to actions – so you’ll achieve more conversions.

? ArabClicks Tip:

Paid Ads such as Instagram Ads and Facebook Ads are not a substitute for organic reach, but are part of a broader digital marketing strategy to achieve success in affiliate marketing.

Care must be taken to create valuable and meaningful content, and work dedicated to build a strategic presence in social media to ensure audience engagement and natural reach as well as to inspire follower loyalty. 
Here are two articles about achieving organic reach using unpaid strategies – and golden rules to achieve more engagement and more conversions:

Affiliate Marketing with Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads – STEP BY STEP GUIDE

how to use Facebook Ads & Instagram Ads to boost your digital marketing strategy and affiliate marketing bottom line.

  1. Create Facebook Ads: Get Started

    Create a Facebook Business Page 

    Choose a Name for the page. This could be your name or online handle which your audience identifies you with if you are a marketer, content maker, or business / brand name.

    Choose a specific page category. You can choose more than one category to reflect page activity and its message.

    Enter your business website. If the page is to promote a specific store, you can enter the website address.

    Choose the profile picture and the cover image of the page. Make sure that the images are original and clear, relevant to the content of the page and its message, express your brand, and are the ideal dimensions for presenting clearly.

    Add a dazzling description of the page, in which you define the page’s message and the services you provide through the content you create. 

    Add a “CTA” button (call-to-action), inviting your audience to take whatever action you prefer, for example, to contact you on messenger.

    Share relevant content that pertains to the audience you want to attract or to the brands you want to promote.
    ? If you are an affiliate marketer with ArabClicks, you can share an exclusive coupon code for a top store like Noon, H&M or Mumzworld to give your audience unmatched discounts on the best products.
    ? You can also share a tracked SmartLink to a product you’re promoting with an affiliate marketing offer like Jumia, Sephora, or Home Centre.

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  2. Create Facebook Ads: Promote a Post

    Make an image, video, or text post. As mentioned at the end of Step 1, you can share ArabClicks coupon codes or tracked links as part of your post. Include clear, exciting calls-to-action to motivate your audience to click your links or use your discount codes!
    Promote your Post. Turn your post into an Ad by creating an advertising account:
    Click on the “Promote Post” button in the lower left corner of your share to complete the details of the post promotion, such as: 
    ■ Target audience 
    ■ Budget 
    ■ Length of time to promote
    ■ Payment method 

    Of course the same creative and text you used in your post is then used in your ad.

  3. Create Facebook Ads: Create a New Campaign

  4. Choose a goal for the campaign

    Your campaign goal might be:
    ■ reaching and increasing awareness of you and your content (product / service, brand / business)
    ■ increasing the traffic of visitors to a specific channel such as a website or landing page
    ■ increasing the number of conversions by reaching people interested in your service or product

  5. Choose a name for the campaign

  6. Create your target audience for your campaign

    Facebook Ads allow you to target audiences according to:
    ▣ Demographics (generation, gender, geography, language), 
    ▣ Interests (audiences with interests that match your marketing / promotional activity), 
    ▣ Behaviors (audiences who have shopping patterns that make them potential customers to buy your product or service)
    & other characteristics

    In addition, you can target your own audience (your followers) and set specific categories within your follower base to who you can re-target your ad campaign. You can also use a mailing list, or a list of site visitors you collected using Facebook pixels and other ways

  7. Decide where to show your ads: Placements

  8. Create Facebook Ads: Optimize Your Ad Content

    ■ Create ads from your valuable content!
    ■ You can use your published posts & promote or create new ads within an ad group. 
    ■ Multiple ads help you better evaluate and compare ads, and better evaluate your marketing / promotional performance
    ■ Post creative creative designs such as photos and videos with optimized dimensions for the best presentation
    ■ Focus on originality and quality
    ■ Use CTAs to Invite your audience to take clear and decisive action 
    Share ArabClicks discount codes & coupons to give your audience amazing exclusive discounts
    ■ Don’t forget the 20:80 ratio between the text and the total image area
    ■ Schedule ads – set the dates and times when your ads will be shown

  9. Design Your creative

  10. Create Facebook Ads: Check All Details And ‘Submit’ your campaign!

  11. Create Facebook Ads: Connect Your Instagram

    To easily post your ads to Instagram, connect your Instagram account to your Facebook account. This is how:
    ■ Open your Facebook page
    ■ Click on “Settings”

  12. Choose Instagram ads

  13. Click on “add account”

  14. Add your Instagram account username and password.


We’ve hope you’ve enjoyed this step-by-step guide for affiliate marketers on how to create Facebook Ad and Instagram Ads. Facebook & Instagram Ads can help you achieve your affiliate marketing goals and by giving you a boost with your digital marketing strategy. Instagram and Facebook Ads are some of the best tools professional affiliate marketers have at their disposal to ensure a positive return on investment – especially when you can intelligently set your budget and set maximum spending limits daily.

Make sure to choose the optimal goal for your campaign and define the target audience and the promotional / marketing category in your campaign carefully, as all these factors determine how much your ad will cost and to whom it will be shown. Be warned, if you pick a particularly in-demand topic and audience, you may be required to raise the bid price to compete.

ArabClicks coupon codes are ideal for embedding in your Facebook Ads & Instagram Ads as they supercharge your number of conversions in real terms, allowing you to earn more money from commissions.
To get the best ArabClicks profit-generating discount codes from the best affiliate marketing programs for the most important and largest advertisers and brands in the Arab world and beyond, join the ArabClicks Network now!

Frequenlty Asked Questions

Q: Will using Facebook Ads boost my Affiliate Marketing outreach?

A: Yes, because Facebook is the leading social media platform for Affiliate marketing and one of the strongest paths to make money online. Facebook ads are fast, dynamic and wide reaching, so that whatever service or product you are promoting you’ll find your audience on Facebook. Facebook ads allow you to hone in on both specific niche audiences or create wide ranging Digital marketing activities, ultimately boost outreach, engagement potential and ensure you make money online.

Q: How do I make Facebook part of my Affiliate Marketing strategy?

A: When using Facebook for Affiliate marketing be sure that you have clear expectations that work for you. 
1. Start by creating your own Facebook Business page that will engage as an authentic and unique affiliate presence and will allow you to receive important data tracking insights such as your page likes, post reach and engagement.
2. Create compelling content which can include your affiliate smart links, plus an enticing Call-to-Action. 
3. Use Facebook Ads Tutorial as your professional guide on how to make the best of your Facebook Ads. 
4. Prepare and optimize campaign data via Facebook ads manager.
5. Publish your Facebook Digital Marketing ad, suited to your product and potential market. See how easily you will make money online!

Q: Are Facebooks Ads worth the cost?

A: Yes, Facebook Ads are one of the best online advertising tools. You can reach up to 1.5 billion people around the world and find the audience you’re looking for among them. Facebook ads allow you to easily create a Digital marketing campaign via your Business page and aim for the specific demographic audience you are looking for.
Be sure to determine your budget, starting small and aiming initially for just one city or demographic group. 
A successful Facebook ad campaign means trial and error regarding content type, use of pictures, videos and how you present your Affiliate links but the results will lead you to making money online and excellent affiliate revenues.

Q: Do Facebook ads work with Affiliate links?

A: Facebook ads are great for using direct affiliate links to market products, since there is no conflict with their Facebook Ads guidelines. It is important that your ad clearly features a product or service promoted on the web page that loads for the user after the direct link is clicked, and that the ad is in compliance with Facebook rules.
When creating a Facebook ad for an affiliate marketing campaign, place your direct link provided by the affiliate brand into the “Destination URL” box. When a visitor clicks on the link in your content, they will go directly to the landing page of the product you are promoting.

Q: Can I make Instagram ads work for me?

A: Absolutely, because advertising on Instagram ads 2020 means that you’re able to reach a specific target, among more than 500 million active users. Instagram ads have the highest engagement rate of all digital ad placements. This means that sometimes, you could pay a little more for a click or 1,000 impressions and still come out as a winner.
The advantage of the Instagram ads tutorial  are the clean, simple explanations and guidance to creating outstanding campaigns, visual canvases that can be created to boost your affiliate brand, engage users and ultimately lead to profits. 
The smart Instagram strategy for successful business results is to be clear of your campaign objectives whilst defining your budget and target audience. You can create the ideal ad formula intuitively via the Instagram Ads manager
You don’t need an Instagram account to create ads on Instagram. You can, in fact, connect the ads solely to your Facebook Page and they will work in the same way, but having an Instagram ads Business Account is recommended because it delivers additional benefits to your ads, by giving users the ability to become your followers and discover more about you and your business.

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