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Earn More with Promo Codes + Links

#3 in ArabClicks’ new video series –
How YOU can earn more with ArabClicks Coupons

This is the 3rd video in this series entitled – Earn More with Promo Codes + Links. If you want to know what are promo codes, where to find them, how to get them and how to see your promo code + links performance – you’ve come to the right place!

Let’s start from the very beginning –
coupon codes are a modern method of giving a discount to shoppers on their purchase.
By sharing coupon codes, you are giving your audience additional motivation to buy so you’ll improve your sales numbers. 

Promo Codes are 1 of 2 main types of coupons used in affiliate marketing.
Promo Codes are generic discount codes shared with you by ArabClicks or the Advertiser – unlike Tracking coupons which are personal to each affiliate.
To earn a commission, Promo Codes must be shared with an ArabClicks Tracking Link.

This guide shows you step-by-step how to apply for your promo codes + tracking links.

Why work with Promo Codes?

Because it’s strictly prohibited to promote ArabClicks’ Tracking Links with other networks’ or other Affiliates’ Tracking Codes – many of ArabClicks TOP affiliates prefer to work with Tracking Links + Promo Codes.

Promo Codes + Tracking Links work together to give you the best of all worlds:

  1. Variety of discount codes – You get a Variety of discount codes to share with your followers – giving them incentive to convert.
  2. The long-lasting cookie tracking you get from the link allows you to earn for up to a few weeks.
  3. No risk of commission override – Your followers could see and use coupons from other affiliates or networks – putting a promo code in your promotions greatly reduces the risk another network or affiliate code will override your commission.
  4. SmartLink to a product page – You can customize your tracking link to arrive to a specific product & category page – this sends them to the exact product you reviewed armed with a promo code discount and ready to buy!
  5. In-depth performance data – Working with Promo Codes and Tracking Links Lets you access In-depth performance data – by offer, date & campaign.

How to Find & Get Your Promo Codes

Finding your promo codes is easy!
Just login to ArabClicks and on the left click Offers Best Coupons & Deals.
This page has all the trendiest live discounts and sales currently available at ArabClicks Advertisers.

To see just promo codes click – “show all coupons” select Promo Codes. Now you can see all available promo codes displayed here.

A short summary of the data on each offer is provided here for you including offer name, discount, payout type and amount, dates, categories & geos. Get coupon restrictions here on this page – under Description → More Details.

Simply click Request Link + Code  in on the right then review how many approval requests you have left in the pop up that will appear – and click Request Approval on the blue button here on the bottom.
Now your Promo Code + Link request is under review!

?Note: Carefully consider before you ask for approval for a code + link offer, because you may request approval on only 2 offers before you reach $100 payout.
If you’ve already requested your 2 exclusive offers – all other offers that require approval appear as grey But don’t worry! We have many offers that don’t require approval – and which you can find on the same page marked in Green with the words “Show  Code + Link”

After you’ve requested a Promo Code + Link, our team will review your account. If you meet our Minimum Traffic Requirements, you’ll get an email with your code. This process can take up to 5 working days.

If you need to change your channel link after you’ve reviewed our requirements, you can do so via ArabClicks Support platform. 

Once you’re approved for your promo codes, where can you find them?

You can get your promo codes from the Best Coupons & Deals Page.
As mentioned, once you are approved for a coupon, the text on the far right will change from “Request  Link + Code” or “In Review” to “Show Code + Link”.
Click this text to get a pop-up with your Tracking Link + Promo Code.

Thanks for watching –
“Earn more with Promo Codes” 

Check out the rest of our series on –
How YOU can earn more with ArabClicks Coupons

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