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Influencer Review: Ahmed Elgarnosy Reviews the ArabClicks App

Affiliate Marketing is one of the safest and most profitable ways to make money quickly and easily these days.

There are lots of different types of affiliates:

  • Website Publishers
  • YouTube Influencers
  • Whatsapp Group Managers
  • Email Newsletter Creators

Although all these types of influencers can do affiliate marketing, not all are sure to make a profit doing so.  Here are a couple of reasons: 

The first is due to a lack of sufficient training and support needed to start affiliate marketing. 

The second, is because of the technical know-how needed to be successful at affiliate marketing.

To address these needs, we have created the ArabClicks App, giving Influencers a simple 3-click solution for Affiliate Marketing. 

We’ve brought everything an Influencer needs to begin affiliate marketing together in one, easy to use interface designed especially for mobile use! 

The ArabClicks App is the first mobile app of its kind to serve as a point of contact between GCC/MENA e-commerce sites and Middle Eastern Influencers and Publishers – and as such, has made quite a splash in the affiliate marketing world. 

We’re proud to report, at the time of this writing, that over 10,000 Influencers have tried the App and are currently making money using it!

Check it out!
In this video, Ahmed Elgarnosy, one of Egypt’s most talented and influential YouTubers reviews the ArabClicks App for his audience.

Throughout the video, Ahmed focuses on the following points:

  • ArabClicks App user interface is easy to use – everything you want to do is completely clear and straightforward. This saves affiliates a lot of time and effort enabling them to make money quicker.
  • ArabClicks App is 100% free and available for iOS & Android.
  • ArabClicks App provides clear Reports, so that affiliates can track their performance and earnings.

We’re excited that you liked our app, Ahmed, and we’re very interested to hear the specific parts that you found especially useful!
If you’re also an Arabic speaking Influencer, interested in reviewing our app, we’d love to hear from you!

Thanks again to Ahmed for the wonderful  video he posted, and we invite you to subscribe to his channel here for lots more super-interesting and useful content.      Ahmad Algarnosy channel

Also, try the ArabClicks App for yourself! We’d love to hear your thoughts after you do…

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