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#4 in ArabClicks’ new video series –
How YOU can earn more with ArabClicks Coupons

This is the 4th video in this series entitled – See Your Coupon Earnings. If you want to find out how to see your ArabClicks coupon payouts including Tracking Coupon performance & Promo Code + Link performance – you’ve come to the right place!

How to Check your Tracking Coupon Earnings

Login to ArabClicks in the menu on the left click Reports Coupon Report.

As you can see, your coupon earnings report shows you Total Conversions – as well as how much your Total Payout is – and how much of that is Pending advertiser approval.
Remember, this report only shows you earnings for your tracking coupon offers and don’t include your earnings from Link tracked offers.

To see your total revenue, check your Conversion Report.

To use the Coupon Report – first, select the date range you want to see. You can choose from a selection of pre-set date ranges or, you can choose a custom date range – even choose the particular day you want to view.
Let’s choose Previous Month. This will show you all of your last month’s earnings. Now click “Apply”.
Have a look – your conversions are broken down by brand and then coupon code. See here how many conversions you got for each code last month – as well as how much your payout is – and again, whether it’s approved or yet still pending.

Got lots of coupons & need to find the specific one you’re looking for?
Use the handy “search coupons” feature to find all conversions that took place using the specific code you’re interested in.

Also – you can check your tracking coupon status by clicking the My Coupons button.
Let’s have a look at the different color coded coupon statuses you’ll might see:

Color Coded Coupon Statuses

  • First, you’ll see Active in green: These are Coupons that are approved and LIVE.
  • In grey are Paused: Coupon Offers that are temporarily paused. Although your codes may still provide a discount, you won’t be paid until the offer is LIVE.
  • Also in grey are Expired Coupons that are no longer valid
  • Lastly, in red, are codes that are Inactive: These are Coupons that have been permanently inactivated.

Hoo can you have all your Tracking Code data in one convenient place?

Use our handy Export feature – in the top corner to the right of the My Coupons button. Click to download an Excel file with all data found in your Coupon Report.

How to Check your Promo Code Earnings

Because Promo Code earnings are tracked with their associated tracking links, checking earnings with promo codes is just like checking earnings from links alone.
to ArabClicks and in the menu on the left click Reports, then Performance and/or Conversion Report.
You’ll be able to see your earnings separated out by date range & offer, as well as by individual conversion & by campaign, if you’ve chosen to create custom tracked links for your various codes.

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See Your Coupon Earnings” 

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How YOU can earn more with ArabClicks Coupons

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