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ArabClicks Payout Guide

Where’s my money? How affiliates get paid.

Here is ArabClicks Payment Guide 2023 – everything you need to know to get your affiliate payouts quickly and easily.

Wow, what an exciting time!

After doing all the work, finding the right offers to promote, putting together a top campaign, & engaging your audience – you have reached the pivotal moment to get paid.

When you are just getting started this can seem to be a pretty nerve-racking time. We bet you feel like you are playing a bit of a waiting game for that expected payment. 
Don’t worry, there is a system that works well and here in this guide, you’re going to get all the help you need.

Know what comes next, where your money is, and what needs to happen for you to get your payouts.

ArabClicks’ Payout Guide 2023 – Spotlight on Commission Payments

Here comes the really exciting part – in order to receive your Payouts, the following actions need to happen:

  1. Stage One

    As an affiliate, you have started earning commissions. You can view all your clicks & conversions in your Performance, Conversion & Coupon Reports.

    Before they are reviewed by the advertiser, your commissions will show as “Pending”.

  2. Stage Two

    The advertiser approves or rejects your conversions. You can find average times for the advertiser validation in ArabClicks’ All Offers page. Just click ‘More Details’ underneath the Advertiser Offer name and rating – then look for Validation Period. Also, see the percentage of canceled conversions under Average Scrubbing Rate.

    Once the verification process is finished and the orders are confirmed by the advertiser, your Reports will show your conversions as “Approved”!

  3. Stage Three

    The Advertiser still needs to release your commissions to ArabClicks before we can transfer the money to you. Minimize this time by working with our Fastest Paying Advertisers

    Once the Advertiser has transferred your payment to us, it will appear in your Payment Portal:
    Explore this system – it has all your payment details & statuses – updated in real-time. Once your “Unpaid” balance reaches $100 or more, you’ll be eligible for payment in our next cycle!

    Find the Payment Portal – after ArabClicks’ Login > My Account > Payments > Payments

    See the Payment Portal Guide

  4. Stage Four

    Once you reach $100 approved commissions, your Payment is sent to you.
    To get your money, look for your email invitation to ArabClicks’ Tipalti Payment System – and register with all your payment details.

    Tipalti is a top global payment system, similar to a bank. Tipalti is very experienced in processing Affiliate payments, which is the reason why ArabClicks trusts and uses Tipalti as our payment processor.  ArabClicks uses Tipalti to process the electronic transfer of your approved affiliate commissions payouts, from our bank account to yours

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are ArabClicks’ available Payment methods?

A: We offer the most trusted, on-time payouts in the industry with a large variety of payment options.
You can choose from PayPal, Direct Deposit and Wire. Please note that our payment options do not include Western Union or Payoneer.

Q: Why were some of my conversions rejected?

A: There are numerous reasons why advertisers will reject your conversions, for example, if your customer has a payment issue or returns the product, or if your conversions were from an invalid GEO or forbidden traffic source.
Also, some Advertisers require you to prepare your tracking for them in a special way.

See ‘More Details‘ on the All Offers page look for Validation Criteria. Also, see the percentage of canceled conversions for this offer under Average Scrubbing Rate.

Q: How often are my earnings reports updated?

A: ArabClicks reports are updated as soon as we receive data from the advertiser.
Depending on the advertiser, this can take place in real-time, daily, weekly or monthly.

This is because while your conversions have been approved by the advertiser, they have not yet released payment to us. As soon as we receive your money, your conversions will show up in the Payment Portal.

Q: What is the difference between a bank wire transfer, and direct deposit?

A: A direct deposit is a currency transfer by a payer directly to the payee’s bank account – and can take place using several different methods.

The most common direct deposit method is a local bank transfer from within the same country, using local currency.
Another way to direct deposit is with a bank wire – using the SWIFT system. Bank wires are usually international & can be in any currency. Bank wires can take anywhere from a few hours up to 48 hours.

Q: How can I find my SWIFT code?

A: A SWIFT code identifies your exact bank within the international banking system – so your payment can find its way to you. Luckily, finding your SWIFT code is easy.

Just run a Google search on – your bank name + ‘SWIFT Code’. Example: Al Rajhi Bank SWIFT Code
Your code should come right up!

Q: What is ArabClicks’ Payment Portal?

A: ArabClicks Payment Portal shows you all your ArabClicks payments – and their current statuses. See which of your approved commissions will be sent to you in the next payment cycle, and which have already been released to you.

Q: What is Tipalti?

A: Tipalti is a global payment system, similar to a bank. ArabClicks use Tipalti to process the electronic transfer of your approved commission payouts, from our bank account to yours. Once you have earned your first $100 in affiliate commissions, you’ll receive an invitation to register with Tipalti, so that we can pay you.

Tipalti is very experienced in processing Affiliate payments, which is the reason why ArabClicks uses Tipalti as our payment processor.

Q: What is the difference between the Payment Portal and Tipalti?

A: In ArabClicks’ Payment Portal you can find full data & details on all of your past and upcoming payments – whereas ArabClicks Tipalti Payment System is used to actually make the transfer to your bank account. When you want to update your payment method – make sure you do it in both systems!

Q: How can I register with Tipalti?

A: Once you’ve crossed the minimum payment threshold, you will receive an invitation email requesting you to register and provide your details on the Tipalti Payment Portal.

When registering, make sure to enter information that exactly matches your bank account, billing address, and passport, as some banks may ask you to verify this information with scans of your original documents.

Note: Please enter ONLY your own details. Do not enter any information that does not belong to you – as this could interfere with your payment’s successful completion.

Q: Will I need to register with Tipalti for each payment?

A: No, you need to register only once.

Q: How long does it take for my payment to reach my account?

A: After processing your payment, it can take between 3 to 5 days to reach your bank account, assuming all your details were entered correctly. However, since we do not control the international banking system, this is a prediction – taken from our past experience – and not a guarantee.

Q: Is there a possibility that the bank will reject my payment? If so, what could be the reasons?

A: The responsibility to accept or reject a payment rests solely upon your bank and is not related to our bank or to Tipalti.
Since banking information is confidential, in the event that your payment is rejected, only you will be able to ask your bank the reasons. However, your bank will usually accept your transfers if you are:

● in good financial standing
● honest about your business activities
● transparent about from where the funds are coming from, &
● have provided ONLY your own personal bank details – not those of someone else, including close family or friends

Q: I was unable to complete my Tipalti registration. What should I do?

A: If you encounter any issues during the registration do not hesitate to contact our SUPPORT TEAM.
In the meantime, please re-review all instructions you received to be sure you haven’t misunderstood or missed a step.

Q: Can I confirm that my payment details in Tipalti are complete?

A: Since only you know your banking details, ArabClicks is unable to determine if the information you entered was complete.
However, you can verify that you have entered all details requested by the registration forms, have not left blank spaces, or entered any information that does not belong to you. You can also log back into your Tipalti account and double-check your own information to be sure that the details you entered are accurate and complete.

Q: How can I check the status of all my past and upcoming payments?

A: For real-time updates on all your past & upcoming payouts, check your Payment Portal
Login to ArabClicks > My Account > Payments > Once inside the Payment Portal – click the Payments tab on the left. 

Q: I see Approved Conversions in my ArabClicks Conversion Report but not in my Payment Portal. Why?

A: This is because while your conversions have been approved by the advertiser, they have not yet released your payment to us. As soon as we receive your money, your conversions will show up in the Payment Portal.

Q: I have an Unpaid balance in my Payment Portal, but I haven’t yet received my money. Why not?

A: If you have more than $100 Unpaid in the Payments view, please check your email for your invite to ArabClicks Tipalti payment system. If the amount is less, you’ll need to wait til you earn $100, then register to the Tipalti system to receive your transfer.

Q: Why do my PAID statements show less money than I received?

A: Because the Payment Portal only has conversions data from September 2020 onwards, it’s likely that you have approved commissions from before this period that were included in your payment.

Q: I want to update my payment method. How can I do it?

A: You must update your payments details in 2 places – 1. ArabClicks’ Tipalti System – you’ll receive an invite after you earn your first $100. And 2. The Payment Portal. Find it – Login > My Account > Payments > Your Profile > Payment Methods > Then click the ‘trash’ icon to Delete or add New Payment Method

Keep your Cash Flow Stable – Find the Right Advertisers

Your affiliate marketing strategy and ultimate payouts and cash earning capacity is only as good as the Advertisers you choose and whether those offers are geared toward your audience and their needs.

How can you ensure that you receive your money in a timely manner, keep your cash flow constant and pick the most trusted advertisers?

  1. Check ArabClicks and other network reviews for positive or negative feedback from affiliate partners on specific advertisers.
  2. Ensure that your advertiser is consistently transparent with tracking and payment schedules.
  3. Diversify your partnerships and affiliate commissions – don’t put your eggs all in one basket. It is important to vary according to product, seasonality, & payout type (CPA/CPS/CPL).
  4. Plan for the long term by understanding each individual company’s payment policies, so that you can ensure a consistent source of income.
  5. Don’t become anxious regarding marginally delayed payments, this is part of many normal financial transactions depending on the individual business.

The Final Word…

ArabClicks payments are the most secure, trusted, and on-time in the affiliate industry – both in GCC and in markets abroad. Getting paid with ArabClicks is easy – let’s review:

  • Until you have made your first $100 affiliate commissions, check your clicks, conversions and validation statuses in your Performance, Conversion & Coupon Reports.
  • Once your conversions have been approved & your commissions received by ArabClicks, you can check updated statuses in your Payment Portal.
    Find it: ArabClicks > My Account > Payments
  • Once you have made your first $100 in 3 months, check email for your Tipalti invite & make sure you’ve entered details from your financial institution completely and correctly. Also, be sure you’ve responded to all our team’s emailed information requests.

Now just sit back, and relax – your commissions are on the way!

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