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ArabClicks’ Guide to Snapchat Ads for Beginners

Supercharge your affiliate marketing with Snapchat – get started with Snapchat Ads TODAY!

Get Started with Snapchat Ads! ArabClicks’ Guide to Snapchat Ads for Beginners 2023 provides marketers with updated tips and tricks for Snapchat Ads manager teams which allow them to conduct the most effective and efficient affiliate marketing with Snapchat ads. This Snapchat for Business Tutorial will make it easy and simple for you to get started with Snapchat Ads. Marketers are discovering that marketing through Snapchat is the most successful digital marketing strategy. Snapchat ads give marketers the tools to promote products and services to young customers in a way that the viewers will react positively and act. 

Snapchat offers a wide range of marketing tools and materials. Via Snapchat ads, marketers can use photos and videos — the most highly recommended strategy for reaching young viewers.  Snapchat features allow marketers to target specific demographics, groups and audiences who have previously shown interest in their content. Combined, the desired message will reach exactly the population which is most likely to turn the view into a conversion.   

Read on to find out everything that you need to know about how to create successful Snapchat campaigns.

What is Snapchat?

If you’re just starting out with Snapchat marketing, read our ArabClicks’ Guide to Snapchat Ads for Beginners 2023. The Snapchat for business tutorial teaches you how to facilitate successful affiliate marketing with Snapchat . You’ll be able to launch your first ad campaign in minutes. 

Snapchat offers tips and tricks for Snapchat ads manager professionals so that they can easily access one of the world’s most effective affiliate marketing strategies. Snapchat  focuses on attracting and engaging young viewers — the most active age group on social media today . Snapchat is especially effective in the Arab world where users are searching for the messages that Snapchat marketers have to offer. The wide variety of tools, features, targeting options and digital instruments for tracking makes Snapchat Ads the most effective option for increasing conversions!  

Read on to find everything that you need to get started with Snapchat ads.

Why Snapchat?

Digital marketers use Snapchat to achieve specific marketing and promotional goals.

1. To make use of one of the world’s most widely-used social media platforms

Snapchat has more than 350 million registered monthly active users. There are more than 210 million active daily Snapchat users. Snapchat content is user-generated which promotes communication between those who generate content and their viewers. 

  • 60% of Snapchat users create and share content daily
  • More than 3 billion Snaps (photos and videos) are shared every day
  • There are over 14 billion total daily video views 

For this reason, the Snapchat platform is the ideal space for marketers to increase reach. It’s easier, through the Snapchat platform, to discover new markets, categories and customers. This, in turn,  enhances awareness of your content and turn views into conversions via affiliate marketing strategies.

2. Arab World

Using ArabClicks’ Guide to Snapchat Ads for Beginners 2023 you can make use of one of the Arab world’s most widely-used social media platforms. Snapchat has a massive reach in the Arab world including in the GCC countries, the Middle East and North Africa: 

  • Saudi Arabia – more than 17 million active Snapchat users
  • Iraq – More than 9 million active users
  • Egypt – More than 8 million active users
  • UAE – More than 3 million active users
  • Kuwait – More than 2.5 million active users.

If your target audience is in the Arab world you should get started with Snapchat ads as you develop your optimal digital marketing strategy.

3. Reach Young Viewers

Nearly 80% of Snapchat users are age 25 and younger. Marketers can create appropriate digital content for this demographic using affiliate marketing with Snapchat  tools including creative, exciting and whimsical content. Marketing tips and tricks for Snapchat ads manager techniques allows  the marketer to attract more viewers from viewers aged 16-35 – the demographic which is characterized by its purchasing trends, massive spending levels and awareness of new ideas and issues. 

Snapchat ads campaigns are a smart choice for marketers who are looking for guaranteed results with a positive return on their investment and the Snapchat for business tutorial will get marketing professionals started with their campaigns.   

4. Advance affiliate marketing strategy via coupons and discount codes

The Snapchat for business tutorial    shows you how to use Snapchat Stories and Paid Snapchat Ads to promote discount codes and tracking coupons. The strategy gives affiliate marketing with Snapchat  professionals  the ability to easily copy the tracking coupon code and paste it into Snapshots so that viewers will see and click on it.

5. Get Started Quickly

The ArabClicks’ Guide to Snapchat Ads for Beginners 2023  allows you to get started with Snapchat ads in less than 5 minutes. Snapchat’s Smart Instant Create allows you to create a successful Snapchat ad campaign within minutes using the Tips and Tricks for Snapchat Ads Manager app. You can design your own unique Snapchat ad, either as an image or a video ad, using ready-made design tools or from the images available on your device, in three easy steps:

  • Set your campaign goal
  • Select your target audience, target locations, budget and campaign duration
  • Launch the campaign. 

You’ll have full control of your campaign so you can reach audiences of varying demographics and interests, control your budget and retarget users who interacted with your content in the past. 

6. Feature Unique Content

The Snapchat for business tutorial  provides tips and tricks for Snapchat ads manager professionals so that they can create marketing campaigns using creative advertising techniques. Affiliate marketing with Snapchat   means that marketers have access to distinctive designs and strategies to place ads within the platform in ways that will ensure that the ads reach the target audience. In addition to photo and video ads there are filters and lens ads that you can create using the Snapchat camera as well as Snapchat Stories and Snapchat Feed. All of these options achieve optimal interaction and reach a high level of conversions. 

7.  Ability to Evaluate Ad Performance

The Snapchat platform allows you to monitor the performance of the Snapchat ads campaign on three levels: 

  • Level 1, the campaign
  • Level 2, ad groups
  • Level 3, the ads

You can:

  • view all of your campaign data
  • add or delete data filters and metrics to customize the dashboard and collect data needed to evaluate your promotional marketing performance
  • customize graphs to display only the results that you need
  • create reports to track the metrics you need at any level of your campaign

Types of Ads

Using Snapchat’s hierarchical stem you can achieve your marketing and promotional goals more quickly and efficiently in any of the 3 levels of marketing:

  • Campaigns
  • Ad Sets
  • Ads

1. Single Image/Video Ads

ArabClicks’ Guide to Snapchat Ads for Beginners 2023 lets you create Snapchat ads with a maximum duration of 3 minutes. These ads display on a vertical full screen in the mobile application and can be used across all Snapchat campaigns to increase reach, boost awareness and increase conversions. You can add a CTA to encourage viewers to take action. Design options include: 

  • Live or cinematic videos
  • Still images/GIFs
  • Slide Shows

2. Story Ad

Group/album/slide ads consisting of 3-20 photos or single videos (up to 3 minutes). They display in Snapchat’s “Discover” section.

3. Collection Ad

Ads derived from single image or video ads (ads of 4 images or clips of your product that includes a URL or tracking link to your product page)

Tracking links and smart links from the ArabClicks network take the viewer directly to the product page where a discount coupon is displayed to make it easy to achieve an immediate conversion.

4. Filters

Filters are designs that your viewer can add to his/her Snapchat camera photo or video to enhance his/her own photo. 

When you get started with Snapchat ads  you’ll be able to design or purchase a filter through the Snapchat platform. You can then offer that design to viewers as part of your Snapchat ad campaign. These filters are otherwise costly but if you offer them for free you can engage viewers, extend your reach and build awareness for your content or brand.  Once you offer the filter the viewer can download it, share it, use it to when s/he posts a story and more.

5. Lenses Augmented Reality Ads

The augmented reality lenses are highly popular among Snapchat users. Lenses allow users to photograph themselves through the Snapchat camera with fun shapes and designs. You can design a lens that expresses your content and then use it in a custom Snapchat ads campaign to increase reach and increase awareness of your content or product.  Due to their popularity, such ads are among the most expensive Snapchat ads. 

How to create Smart Mode Instant Create Snapchat Ads Campaign

Instant Create – Smart Mode Instant Create allows you to create one ad and manage a campaign.

  1. Create a Snap Ads Manager account

    Create a Snapchat Ads For Business Ad Manager account. Either:
    ▣ Go to the official website and click on “Ads” in the upper left of the page.
    ▣ Go to

  2. Fill in the required details and press “Sign Up & Accept”

    If you have a Snapchat account, click “Log In” to continue.

  3. Select your business name and determine the geographical location of your business and the currency

  4. Create a Snapchat ad campaign

    1) Go to the Snapchat ads account manager page at  and click “Create an Ad.”

    2) Beginners – “Instant Create” provides ready-made designs and smart tools so beginners can create a Snapchat ads campaign within 5 minutes using just one single Image or Video.

    3) AdvancedThe “Advanced Create Mode” is for professionals who can create ad campaigns of different levels within different ad groups. The tool allows marketers to design their own ads and manage them directly via daily spending and bid changes. Advanced Create Mode includes usage of filter ads, lens ads, collection ads and story ads.3)

  5. Add Goals!

    Determine the goals that you want your Snapchat campaign to achieve. You choose one goal for each campaign so you can track and evaluate campaign performance. The  campaign goal that you choose will determine the optimal campaign settings that will be available to you.

    ? Goals: Smart Mode

    There are five main goals for a Smart Mode Snapchat ad campaign:

    Increase your website traffic – refer viewers to your landing page. 
    You need to specify a URL so that whoever clicks on the ad will be taken to your site. The Snap Pixel tracks your website traffic.

    Encourage communication
    Provide potential customers with a way that they can communicate with your business. You’ll need to provide a phone number, chat box, email address, etc. This gives potential customers a way to ask questions about your product or service, more easily make a purchase or take another action.

    Download and install the app – provide the URL of the app that you are giving to viewers so that they can install it.

    Increase the number of app visits – provide the app name, visual logo and URL or deep link to your ad.

    Promote your business according to its geographical location through the “Promote Local Place”  tool.

  6. Create a Snapchat ad

    Upload a photo or video — the media file (photo/video) should have a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels (recommended) or at minimum 720 x 480 pixels. Aspect Ratio is 16: 9.
    Add your Name of Business – up to 25 characters including spaces. Emojis cannot be used.
    Insert Snapchat Ad Headline – up to 34 characters including spaces. Emojis cannot be used. Discount and coupon code orders from the Arabclicks network can be added either here or in the caption.
    Include a Call to Action
    ▣ Add needed text to capture viewers’ attention and increase their engagement – optional
    Select a Snapchat ad design. Design suggestions are presented. 
    ▣ Click “Next”

  7. Determine Target Audience: Define demographics

    On the right side of the page, in the first rectangle under the “Audience Overview” heading, you’ll see options for setting your target audience.

    In the second rectangle, you can set: 
    – your estimated Snapchat audience size
    – your estimated reach
    – approximately how often your ad will appear
    – your reach for gender: males, females, both
    – your reach for age range with minimum and maximum limits
    – languages in which you want your ad to appear (or leave blank if the language isn’t specified)

  8. Determine Target Audience: Geographical locations

    You can select the countries in which you want your ad to appear using the “Target Location on Map” location map or by clicking on “Add Countries”.

    In “Show Advanced Targeting” there are advanced options for targeting the audience vertically and further personalizing them by identifying common interests, hobbies, and more. These include:
    Interests & Custom Audiences – targeting audiences by interests and categories
    Devices – targeting audiences by via iOS or Android operating systems

  9. Determine Budget and Duration

    You can set the total amount of money that you want to invest in your campaign. The budget is the maximum amount of money that you want to invest in your Snapchat ads campaign.

    ? Budget Types

    There are two options available for you to set the budget for your Snapchat ad campaign:

     ✅ Daily Budget
    The maximum daily spend for your campaign for the period specified. This may vary from one day to the next according to ad performance. Your maximum daily spend will not exceed your budget but you may decide to increase or decrease spending on a particular day.  
    Maximum total budget equals the number of days times the daily budget set. To check the minimum monthly budget,  multiply the minimum daily budget (i.e. $ 50) by 31 (days).

    Total Lifetime Budget
    The total maximum budget (money) for your Snapchat campaign. To select this kind of budget, specify the duration of the campaign and Snapchat will allocate the distribution of your budget over the period specified. This may not be done completely evenly over the duration of the campaign as it may increase on days when ad engagement increases and decrease when there is less engagement with the ad. Spend will never exceed your maximum set budget.

  10. Choose your payment method

    1) Fill in your business details and address.
    2) Choose the best payment method – credit card or PayPal.
    3) Click “Publish” to launch the campaign

    Snapchat will review your ad within 24 hours for approval. Payment is facilitated after the ad is approved. 

  11. Monitor and Track Ad Performance

    After creating and launching a Snapchat ads campaign, you can monitor the ad’s performance and track its results and progress.

    Monitoring your Snapchat campaign performance allows you to adjust it from one day to the next so that it will achieve optimum success. You can tweak the overall campaign budget,  target more audiences according to their geographic location and their interests and demographics and more. 

    Monitoring the overall performance of your campaigns includes tracking: 

    ■ Overall spend
    ■ Number of ad impressions
    ■ Cost per thousand impressions
    ■ Number of viewers who responded to your Call to Action
    ■ Cost per screen move to respond to your Call to Action
    ■ CPSU 
    ■ More

    You can create reports which will show you graphs and charts with results and data that allow you to evaluate your Snapchat campaign performance based on specified factors.


ArabClicks’ Guide to Snapchat Ads for Beginners 2023 gives you the information that you need to optimize the Snapchat. The Snapchat ads platform is one of the most favored social media platforms in the world, specifically in the Arab world where Snapchat is popular due to the high level of quality digital content published on the platform.

Snapchat marketing allows advertisers to communicate and interact with their followers and to reach diverse groups with which it would otherwise be hard to connect.  This is particularly true regarding young users between the ages of 16-25 living in Gulf Countries, the Middle East and North Africa.

Marketers appreciate Snapchat ads because there’s less competition so it’s possible to achieve more targeted advertising with more quality of content and more available features.  

The Snapchat for business tutorial shows you how to use ArabClicks coupons and discount codes. Once you get started with Snapchat ads you can drive  potential customers to your site where they can learn more about your products and services, click for more information and turn the visit into a conversion. Read more about how to earn money with coupons and discount codes.

The full list of tips and tricks for Snapchat Ads manager educational guides is now available at ArabClicks Academy and ArabClicks Network. Affiliate marketing with Snapchat professionals can use Snapchat’s marketing strategies to increase reach and increase conversions.

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