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ArabClicks’ Guide to Advanced Snapchat Ads

Use expert Snapchat Ads strategy to supercharge your affiliate earnings in 2020

If you are a professional marketer and want to find the most effective and efficient way to advance your business, check out ArabClicks’ guide to advanced Snapchat Ads 2020. Snapchat ads for experts offer advertising professionals easy-to-follow guided tutorials for Snapchat business ads – using Advanced Create – that allow marketers to extend their reach and draw new audiences. The advanced Snapchat ad strategy builds on our Snapchat ads strategy beginner ads article – using Instant Create –  to provide Snapchat ads manager professionals additional tools that will guide them as they launch and maintain successful digital marketing and affiliate marketing campaigns.

Snapchat is one of the most popular social media platforms in the Arab world.
The Snapchat Business pinpoint targeting tools ensure that the advertising content will reach young audiences — the majority of Snapchat’s users.

Snapchat ads for experts are also the best vehicle for promoting products or services using ArabClicks Network discount codes and coupons.

Read on to discover everything that you need to create a successful Snapchat business campaign using Snapchat’s proprietary Advanced Create system.

How to Create a Successful Snapchat Business Campaign – Step-by-Step

ArabClicks’ Guide to Advanced Snapchat Ads

  1. Sign in / Create a Snapchat Ads Manager account

    If you haven’t yet opened a Snapchat business account, either:
    a. Go to the official website and click on “Ads” on the upper-left side of the page.
    b. Go to
    c. Go to

  2. Fill in the required details and submit

  3. Name your business and click “Next”

  4. Determine the geographical location of your business and the currency

    – Click “Sign Up & Accept”
    – If  you already have a Snapchat account, log In to your account

  5. Start creating your Snapchat ad strategy in Snapchat Ads Manager – via Advanced Create

    In Snapchat Ads Manager
    Choose “Advanced Create.” This is the Snapchat ads for experts  guide that allows professionals to design a Snapchat campaign on an advanced level. You’ll have access to all the Snapchat ads levels including different ad groups, design ads and options to manage ads. You’ll be able to directly control the ads’ placements and frequencies with changing bids, daily spend, target audiences and additional tools. This Snapchat Ad strategy gives you the advanced Snapchat ads tools including filter ads, lens ads, collection ads, story ads, and more.

    Instant Create smart mode for beginners
    It is Snapchat’s marketing tool for beginners. The beginners guide gives non-professionals guidance so that they can easily create Snapchat ad campaigns, ads and ad groups in minutes using ready-made designs and easy-to-manage tools that allow them to determine their audience and their budget.

  6. Set your Goals

    You can choose one goal per campaign. This gives you the ability to track and evaluate each individual campaign’s performance by measuring how effective your Call to Action is based on your Snapchat ads message. The goal that you choose determines the optimal settings – design, placement, bids and spend – that you have at your disposal to achieve that goal.

    ? Goals

    There are three main categories of goals that the ArabClicks’ guide to advanced Snapchat Ads 2020 can help you achieve via your Snapchat ads campaign. Each category contains both main goals and sub-goals & can be done in the Snapchat Ads Manager.

    Enhance Brand Awareness
    Increase your reach among Snapchat users so that you are seen by customers and potential customers. Snapchat Ads manager  professionals enhance users’ awareness of their content/product/service through their ads. All Snapchat ads are available for this category.

    Product/Service and Brand Consideration
    Encourage potential customers to explore the products, services and offers that you are offering by directing them to your website.  Through Snapchat Ads for experts you will be able to promote your apps and encourage users to download those apps, increase your website’s traffic, get more people to see your videos, draw in new potential customers and promote your message. All Snapchat ads are available for this category.

    App downloads / installs
    Guide users to download and install the application you are promoting from the Apple Store or Google Play Store through your  Snapchat business campaign. Available Snapchat ad types include:
    – Stories
    – Single Picture
    – Video

    Drive Traffic
    Increase traffic to your website, your blog, or any other content channel by referring users to your landing page. Available Snapchat ad types include:
    – Collection Ad
    – Single Image
    – Video

    Increase website visits via your app
    Drive Snapchat users to install or downloaded your app or a third-party app!
    Available Snapchat ad types:
    – Collection Ad
    – Single Image
    – Video 

    Increase interaction
    Focus on increasing interaction with viewers.
    Available Snapchat ad types: 
    – Lenses
    – Filters
    – Long Videos
    – Stories
    – Single Picture
    – Video

    Increase video views
    Focus on increasing views of your videos. 
    Available Snapchat ad types:   
    – single image
    – video
    – long video

    Increase Gen leads
     Develop relationships with potential customers.
    Available Snapchat ad types:
    – Stories
    – Collection Ads
    – Single Picture
    – Video

    Increase conversions
    Encourage potential customers to respond to your Call to Action, including inviting them to use your discount code or coupon, download your app, make a purchase, etc.  by contacting them through the leads that you have generated.

  7. Complete Snapchat ad campaign settings

    1) Select your Snapchat Ads Manager Campaign Name

    2) Snapchat Ads Manager campaign status: Activate / Suspend

    3) Create Split Test for Snapchat Ad Campaign – Optional

    The Snapchat ad manager can now use this new split test tool to test the performance of the ads/ad groups. You specify a specific variable to test so that you can create a Snapchat  business Split Test Campaign. Through this Snapchat ads for experts tool you’ll be able to test 3 variables in Snapchat Ads or Ad Groups:

    a.  Creative Ad Creativity – test the ads’ or ad groups’ designs and creativity.
    b.   Audience – test the performance of the same ads or ad groups on different audiences.
    c.   Placements – test the performance of ads or the ad groups according to ad position by selecting different positions for display.

    When creating split tests you need to define the total budget and the campaign duration for the test campaign. The budget will be distributed  throughout the campaign. You want to aim to have the lowest cost per goal achieved. You can create a Snapchat ad campaign with the ad group or test campaign winning ads, right after its completion.

  8. Determine your Snapchat business campaign budget, spend level, and campaign duration

    The ArabClicks’ guide to advanced Snapchat Ads 2020  shows you how to set your campaign’s beginning and end. Set the campaign budget which involves the total amount of money that you want to invest in your campaign.

    ? Budget Types
    There are two budget options for your campaign:

    ✅ Daily Budget
    The daily spend cap which is the amount that you set as your maximum daily spend for the period specified.
    The daily spend may vary from day to day according to ad performance — the number of clicks and impressions may increase on one day and decrease on another day.  
    Maximum total budget is calculated by multiplying the number of days by the daily budget that you set. Minimum monthly budget is calculated by multiplying the minimum daily budget ($ 50) by 31 (days).

    Campaign total – maximum spend in the Lifetime Spend Cap
    This is the total maximum budget that you want to devote to your Snapchat campaign. When selecting this type of budget you must specify the duration of the campaign.
    Snapchat will then allocate your budget spending over the period you specified (no guarantee that this will be done exactly evenly).
    Your daily spend may vary from one day to the next according to your ad’s performance. Spending may increase with increased engagement and impressions on a given day and may be less than the daily average on another day due to the lower ad appearance  or less engagement. Your budget will never exceed the limit that you set.
    You can remove the total budget or maximum spend at the campaign level or specify a larger amount, but you can only reduce the total amount provided that it is at least 10% higher than the amount you spent on the campaign until that time.

  9. Ad sets

  10. Name your ad group on your Snapchat campaign

    Name each ad group in a way that will enable you to distinguish that ad group from other ad groups. Doing so will give you the ability to track each ad’s performance. You can customize names via the automatic naming templates. To do so, click on the three dots at the end of the rectangle and then click “Create Template”.

    Determine ad group name factors include:
    – Generation
    – Gender
    – Geographical location
    – Smartphone operating system
    – Launch date for campaign
    – Campaign duration
    – Additional variables

  11. Save the group with its own name.

    Click “Save as” with the ad’s name to save the ad group template you created.
    You can create as many templates as you wish.

  12. Install Snap Pixel

    PixelSnap is part of the JavaScript code for your Snapchat ad strategy and helps you track your ad’s performance.

    Snapchat ads manager professionals can change the snaptr in the pixel settings to Events, Purchase, LogIn, etc. To change the snaptr, hover the mouse over the green rectangle and click “Copy to clipboard” to cop the code. Then you can paste it into your site.

  13. Select ad type

    In ArabClicks’ guide to advanced Snapchat Ads 2020 you’ll identify the format that you want so that you can determine the type of Snapchat business that you want to put up within the ad group that you created. Remember, every Snapchat ad has a special formula, special design and proper placement.  That means that, through the Snapchat ads for experts, you must define which ad type you want according to your marketing/promotional message and content.

    Once you select the ad type and launch the campaign it cannot be changed.

  14. Snapchat Ad Formats & Placements

    ? Single Image or Video Ads
    Single image and video ads are displayed on a vertical full screen in the mobile application with a maximum duration of 3 minutes.

    You can use single image and video ads across all Snapchat campaigns to increase reach, boost awareness, or increase conversions along with a Call to Action. You can use:
    – Live or cinematic videos
    – Still images
    – GIFs
    – Slide Shows

    There are three sub-types of video or single image ads. You will choose the sub-type based on the ad’s performance and the ability of the Snapchat user to interact with it:

    1) Image or video Ad
    Ad viewers can click on the ad to skip it. Attachment extensions can be added which prompt customers to take a specific action or enhance their awareness of you.
    Placements: Snapchat will place your ad automatically, according to your settings (demographics, location, etc).

    2) Commercial – A non-skippable video ad, maximum duration of 6 seconds.
    Placements: shows & gaming content, programs about lifestyle, sports, etc.

    3) Extended Play Commercial – Long video ad that can be skipped after 6 seconds.
    Placements: Content for shows and programs.

    ? Story Ad
    Snapchat Story Ads  involve group/album/slide ads of 3-20 photos or individual videos (up to 3 minutes).
    Placements: The Discover feed.

    ? Collection Ad
    Group ads are unique promotional marketing ads that derive from one main single image or video ad. They include ads of 4 images or clips of product/service that you are marketing. Each image/clip contains a URL or tracking link that refers viewers to the product page. These ads focus on conversions.
    Tracking links/smart links from the ArabClicks network ensures that the viewer receives an immediate discount when s/he is referred to the product page.
    Placements: Snapchat will place these ads for you automatically.

    ? Filter Ads
    Creative, artistic designs that users can use when they take photos or record Snaps with their Snapchat camera.
    You can design a filter or purchase one through the Snapchat platform to use in your Snapchat ad campaign.
    Snapchat users download the filter, share it with their friends or post it in their stories to increases reach.
    Placements: Snapchat camera.

    ? Lenses Augmented Reality Ads
    The augmented reality lenses are favored by Snapchat users. This features allows users to take pictures of themselves through the Snapchat camera that are enhanced with fun shapes and bodies. It is one of the most expensive ad types on Snapchat but it’s also a highly successful digital marketing strategy.
    You can design the lenses that express you and your content. These ads are highly successful at increasing awareness of you and your content.
    Placements: Snapchat camera.

  15. Determine your target audience’s geographical locations

    Determine the geographical locations (countries) that you want to target
    Use the “Target Location on Map” location map or and click “Add Countries” to choose the countries where you want your ad to appear.

  16. Determine the demographics of your target audience

    Age range for target audience. Set the minimum and maximum limits.

    Gender: males, females or  both.
    Language: Determine which language the target audience speaks or uses.

    Set age restrictions on content, if applicable (i.e. messages that promote alcoholic drinks, gambling, etc.)
    You can track your estimated audience size, your estimated reach and your interactions on a weekly or daily basis.

  17. Define your target audience

     There are two ways to define your target audience:

    Predefined Audiences
    Determine which Snapchat users (customers) you want to target. You can define this demographic according to users’ interests,  behaviors, categories or online behavior (you can set multiple parameters when defining your audience). You can target university students, video game enthusiasts, beauty and makeup products aficionados, etc. 

    Custom Audiences
    Create a custom or lookalike audience. For instance, target an audience of potential customers so that they are retargeted after they have previously visited your website (tracked by Pixel Snap) or interacted with your content.

    Another idea might involve targeting an audience by using a mailing list. By targeting your audience you achieve more conversions because you are targeting users who are specifically interested in your content, who have interacted with your content in the past, etc.

    You can also create an audience whose members have similar interests/behaviors to your original audience. This will extend your reach even further. To create a custom audience, go to the top corner of “Create Ads” page and then choose “Assets“, then “Audiences“.  Proceed to create your own custom audience.

  18. Identify Devices

    Operating System –  You can target mobile users with the Apple operating system, Android operating system, or both.
    Device Maker – Target devices according to their manufacturer, for example: Apple, Samsung, etc.
    Connection Type – Target devices according to cellular or Wi-Fi connection.
    Carriers – Target devices according to telecom provider.

  19. Set your ad group budget for your Snapchat ad campaign

    Set the ad group budget for your Snapchat campaign. Make sure that the ad group budget aligns with the campaign budget that you set in Step 5 which determines the maximum daily spend or the maximum campaign total.

  20. Set Ad group status to Activate or Suspend

  21. Set the budget for your Snapchat ad group

    a. Daily Budget
    Your average spend on each specific ad group in your Snapchat ads strategy.
    You can set different budgets for different ad groups. You will need to define the duration of the campaign.

     b. Total campaign Lifetime Budget
    The total spend on the ad group for the lifetime of your campaign. You must specify the campaign’s start and end dates. You can schedule Snapchat ads to appear in the specified ad group on specific days and times by setting “Run ads on a schedule” or “Run ads all the time”.

  22. Set Bidding Strategy

    Snapchat’s bidding strategy is determined by the type of Snapchat ad campaign that is running, its primary goal, and the types of ads available.

    Define the (objective) bidding factor: Impressions, Swipes, Video Views, and more.  There are three different Bidding Strategies:

    Auto Bid
    Snapchat sets bids on your behalf with the goal of getting you the highest number of Actions based on the budget and the target audience that you set. This strategy aims to optimize your bids to get the best cost per goal within your budget.

    ? Optimal use: All Snapchat campaigns.

    Max Bid offers
    Snapchat  sets the highest possible bid within your range in order to get you the best  possible CPA cost per action. Here, you need to specify a cost-effective bid for every 1,000 impressions, within the suggested Snapchat range. 

    ? Optimal use: This strategy is only available in a Snapchat campaign in which the bidding factor involves
    i. Swipes
    ii. App Install
    iii. Long Video
    iv. Shares posts
    v. Pixel Tracking actions
    vi. Story Ads (Open Ad).

    Target Cost
    A strategy that aims to give Snapchat the ability to automatically set bids, according to the average target cost set by the CPA, so you get the largest possible number of successful actions at or below the cost you set throughout your Snapchat campaign. You should specify a cost-per-action bid within the suggested Snapchat range.

    ? Optimal use: Bid Factor campaign: app download, long video, pixel-tracked actions, and story ads (open ad). You can set the intervals for Snapchat ads to appear during your campaign:
    Standard – Any distribution of ads appearing throughout the campaign
    Accelerated – Show ads intensively in the shortest time possible

    You can also specify the maximum number of times Snapchat ads appear to the same user in a certain number of days.  To do this, enable the Frequency setting


ArabClicks’ guide to Advanced Snapchat Ads for Experts provides you with the tools and guidance to market in a way that allows you to reach age groups that are often difficult to reach through other social media platforms. Snapchat ads for experts helps you target  today’s digital generations, specifically in the Gulf countries, North Africa and Middle Eastern countries.

Snapchat business ads are a great accompaniment to other major social media platforms. The Snapchat ads manager can reach a more diverse audience including young viewers, users with a wide variety of interests, viewers that have specific online behaviors and more.

The Snapchat business ad strategy differs from YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok and even the Google search engine, in terms of the quality of the content and features in the application and interaction with marketers’ ads.
ArabClicks Affiliates – level up your affiliate income with Snapchat Ads TODAY!

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