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The Best Google Adsense Alternative

Many people looking to make money from their web traffic check out Google AdSense, but there are many alternatives that can make you more money – and give you a better experience overall. Read on for the best alternative to Google AdSense.

If you’ve built a website, taken it live, chances are you’re looking for a good way to monetize your traffic. One of the things you can do to make money from your site is to apply for a Google AdSense account. 

There are many good reasons that Google AdSense is one of the most popular advertising programs in the world…BUT there are some drawbacks you should know about.

Downsides to Google AdSense

  • Low Payouts

Google pays you a very small percentage of what the advertiser pays them for the adspace. Adsense doesn’t disclose the number but it is in the single digits.

  • Site Performance

AdSense decreases site performance dramatically. Page load time can increase at least 30%, the total size of page can double, and number of requests can be multiplied by four! Fully loaded time also goes totally down the tubes. 

Because speed is one of the algorithmic factors deciding page ranking on Google Search results, placing Google Ads on a page can kill your SEO.

  • Complicated Requirements

Your site must comply with strict AdSense policies regarding owner age, content quality, content category, supported language, domain level, website ownership and length of site ownership. 

If your site has even one small aspect outside of their optimal range, Google can reject you for now, and in the future. 

For example, applying with a subdomain, or with a website that used to be owned by someone else could get you rejected, or if you’ve ever applied for Google AdSense on your site before and been rejected, this rejection could stand for all time. If you’ve owned your site for less than 6 months – just forget it outright!

  • Lengthy Application Process

The Google AdSense application process can be quite lengthy and involved include multiple steps where you could encounter a snag like application, physical verification, in-depth review and activation.

  • Physical Address Verification

Google requires you to confirm your physical address which could prove difficult or impossible for those who live in places with non-standard addresses. 

  • Socially Unfriendly

Even once accepted, if you refer too many people from your social networks Google can consider this referral traffic and deduct the revenue. You also are not allowed to promote your AdSense content with banners like Today’s Top Offers or using arrows to point to your ads.

  • Lifetime Ban

You will be banned for life if Google detects any prohibited activities such as clicking your own ads, use of automatic click bots or any artificial means of generating ad impressions and inflating clicks.

Google AdSense vs Affiliate Marketing

So what is the very best alternative to Google AdSense for making money on the internet? If you are not accepted by Google AdSense for one of the myriad complicated reasons they can reject you, you can use affiliate marketing to make money on the internet instead. Affiliate marketing can either replace Google AdSense, or help web publishers make a lot more money .

 Affiliate marketing uses a network like ArabClicks to connect advertisers with website and social channel owners. The advertiser pays the site or channel publisher a commission for every purchase made from a visitor they referred. 

Even if you are accepted and use Google AdSense on your site, you can make much more money online if you also work with an affiliate network like ArabClicks.

When comparing affiliate marketing vs Google AdSense as a way to earn money online, the following are just a few of the benefits you’ll see.

  • Affiliate Marketing Gives Higher Commissions 

Affiliate marketing shares a much bigger share of the revenue with publishers than you get with Adsense. In fact, ArabClicks Affiliate network gives you up to 80% of the advertising dollars it receives. Google AdSense does not say how much you are getting – but it is in the single digits.

  • Affiliate Marketing is Suitable For Publishers & Influencers

Affiliate marketing is suitable for all publishers – big and small, new and old – and even for those who don’t own their own website! Affiliate marketing can be done with just a social media channel or using Pay Per Click ads or another traffic source.

  • Affiliate Marketing Makes Applying Easy

When compared with the lengthy and complicated Google AdSense applications process, it is very easy to apply with affiliate marketing. And without all the stringent application requirements, affiliate marketing has a much higher acceptance rate, making it easy for your start making money online. Start earning with ArabClicks TODAY!

  • Affiliate Marketing Allows for Choice of Advertisers

With affiliate marketing, the publisher controls exactly which categories, specific advertisers and even which products appear on your website or your social feed. You can even choose to promote advertisers based on a particularly attractive commission!

Google AdSense does not let website publishers choose who will advertise on a site – or how they will be presented. The outcome is that you can have totally irrelevant ads to unrelated industries or even ads from direct competitors appearing all over your carefully curated webspace! 

  • With Affiliate Marketing, the Publisher Controls Ad Presentation

With affiliate marketing, you, the publisher always maintain complete control of your website or social channels. You choose exactly which ad and creative will appear on your site. For comparison, with Google Adsense, you don’t have any control over which ads will be showing on your site. This means you might show unprofessional-looking ads and irrelevant ads to your site.

  • Affiliate Marketing Supports Quick Load Times

Affiliate marketing pre-loads all creative onto a publisher’s website so visitor load times a very short – keeping your visitors happy and your SEO strong. As we explained, Google AdSense can take a long time to load, making your website annoying to visit and SEO-unfriendly.

  • Affiliate Marketing can be used with Social Media

Affiliate marketing networks are not afraid of social media traffic – in fact, they thrive off of it. In contrast to Google AdSense which prefers you don’t send traffic from social media, affiliate marketing networks and advertisers are very happy for you to send all the social traffic you can. 

Social networks like Facebook are sometimes less excited for you to place your affiliate links in your feed, but when you use a personally tracked discount coupon, nothing and nobody will stand in your way. 

Social networks will love you, your audience will adore you – and your earnings will potentially go through the roof!  
Learn more about using coupons to make money online HERE.

The Best Google AdSense Alternative

Sounds cool to you, but you don’t know where to get started? No worries! We’ll get you into ArabClicks… Meet the best AdSense alternative from the affiliate world.

ArabClicks Network is an affiliate network offering the best alternative to AdSense you can find anywhere, when comparing AdSense vs. affiliate marketing:

  • Full Arabic Language Compatibility
  • Up to 80% Payout
  • Free choice of hundreds of  offers and advertisers
  • Get High-Quality Creative – or use your own
  • Small Data Requirement = excellent load time
  • Complete freedom to work with any ad company you choose
  • Easy to apply 
  • App designed especially for social (iOS / Android)

If you are a website owner or a social influencer in GCC or MENA looking for adsense alternative to make money online, you’ve found your best AdSense alternative RIGHT HERE.

In particular, ArabClicks offers a couple of specialty products for publishers designed specifically as alternatives to AdSense. These solutions make it easy for publishers to succeed in making money online:

  1. ArabClicks Display

    Designed for visual ads, ArabClicks Display lets you choose a curated group of category-specific advertisers that would be appropriate for a banner space on your site. The tool then displays the highest converting creative from this group according to real-time sales trends.

  2. ArabClicks LinkConverter

    For those who want a lighter visual footprint, ArabClicks LinkConverter scans a website for qualifying product links and automatically converts them into cash-generating affiliate links, thus saving you many hours of manual work and allowing you to make money from existing website content.


In any case, no matter your site theme or publishing style, the  most important thing is to remember that even though Google is the biggest and most well-known, they may not be the best for you- and you have many wonderful Google AdSense alternatives. 

Specifically in looking at Google AdSense versus affiliate marketing, you get always get paid transparently, you always pick the advertisers and products shown on your site, and you always have full Arabic guides, videos and human support to help make things easy.

For the very best Google AdSense Alternative, sign up at ArabClicks TODAY!

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