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AdWords for Experts – Advanced Google Ads for Affiliate Marketers

Use Google AdWords ‘Expert Mode’ to supercharge your affiliate earnings.

Successful affiliate marketing strategy can incorporate many types of digital marketing activities including social media marketing and PPC for affiliate marketers. If you’re reading this article, you are probably well aware that Google AdWords strategy can play a significant role in sending the right kind of traffic to your site. Read this article on AdWords for Experts – we give you the advanced Google Ads – Expert Mode techniques you need to keep your budget low, optimize your paid traffic, and grow your bottom line.

If you have experience in e-marketing strategies such as Google AdWords, there is no doubt that you are well aware of the importance of Google Search in the world of digital marketing, and Advanced Google Ads to improve marketing and promotional performance as well as achieve profits.

While Advanced Google Ads – Expert Mode allows you to create successful Google advertising campaigns using “Smart Mode” <LINK>, which can automatically identify and improves the campaign settings and features for you, in “Expert Mode” you can manage your own campaign, specify its core settings, monitor your bids, and keyword performance.

You create your own Google Ads – Expert Mode campaigns using all types of content like text, pictures, and video (not just text content as the most of “smart mode” campaigns) and improve your campaign according to the customized reports that you can create. To do this, you should have proven experience in the field of e-marketing and management of advertising/marketing / promotional campaigns.

Be sure to read the explanations and definitions that we will discuss in the Google AdWords strategy presented here, and make sure that you understand the differences between the options in each level of the campaign.

The goal of the AdWords for experts campaign determines its type, which in turn determines its features, and the ad networks available for advertising. These determine the forms of ads, keywords, and their matches.

Everything mentioned so far affects your bid cost and how to best utilize your budget.

Are you ready? Let’s start creating an advanced Google Ads – Expert Mode campaign!

How to create advanced Google Ads – Expert Mode campaign

Use Google AdWords ‘Expert Mode’ campaigns to supercharge your affiliate earnings.

  1. Create an account in Google Ads

    Go to then log in. You will need your Gmail account.

  2. Click on “switch to expert mode” to create advanced Google Ads for professionals

  3. Choose the main target of your AdWords for experts campaign

    Be sure to choose the target you want to achieve in your campaign to progress your marketing / promotional activities in AdWords for experts. Determining the target is the intrinsic factor when creating a Google ad campaign, so you can choose only one goal for a Google Ads campaign.

    The goal you choose will later determine the optimal campaign settings for you to achieve your goal.

    First choose the goal of the campaign, then choose the campaign type that you want to display, then choose from the suggested places to display your ads to customers that match your campaign goal and type.If you want to set up a campaign without getting suggested settings from Google, then you can choose “Create a campaign without receiving instructions related to goals”.

    1️⃣ Choose the main goal of your AdWords for experts campaign!

    Here are 6 major Google AdWords strategy goals for your campaign:

    1) Increase sales: Increase the successful sales or conversions in your application or site. Or retarget customers who visited your site but didn’t purchase a product or service.

    2) Potential customers: Encourage the potential customers to express interest in your products or services by subscribing to your newsletter or mailing list or provide you with their contact information.

    3) Increase visits to your website: Attract more potential customers to your site or channels.

    4) Share USPs: Encourage  potential customers to explore what’s different and special about your products and service offerings. Show them what’s unique about purchasing from you – so when searching for similar services and products they’ll remain loyal to you.

    5) Enhance brand awareness and reach: Raise awareness of Internet users and your potential customers about your products or services.

    6) App promotion: Increase the number of installs and interactions with your app on the Google PlayStore & other locations.

    2️⃣ Select the type of AdWords for experts campaign you want!

    The campaign type determines the places (Google Display Networks) where customers will be able to see your ads.

    There are 5 types of advanced Google Ads campaigns:

    1) Google Search Network campaign
    Your ads appear with Google search results on the results page and on other websites and Google’s search partners when your keywords that you’ve selected are relevant to a user’s search.

    2) Google Display Network Campaign
    This is a comprehensive ad network specific to Google, that includes more than two million sites and reaches 90% of the internet users in the world.

    This type of Google AdWords strategy is managed by Google to direct your ads to users with the exact demographic, location and behavior that you choose.

    This is in contrast to the PPC for affiliate marketers strategy mentioned just prior where your ads appear according to the search words a potential customer is using when they are looking for a product/service.

    The Google Display Network also allows you to use Google adwords strategy to tailor ads to your target audience using different Ad Groups. For example, ads on Gmail, YouTube, on mobile, in Android apps and more.

    3) Shopping Campaign
    Google’s advertising campaigns for store owners aim to increase the number of visits to your store, increase conversions, and find potential customers interested in your products/services.
    This AdWords for experts marketing campaign also relies on product data rather than keywords and differs in terms of the bidding method.  This type of campaign depends not only on the price of a click but also on the type of ad
    In addition, a shopping campaign ad differs from a regular text ad in terms of content, type and additions, it is concerned with the product and its price. This type of ad also contains creative and information about your store, and a CTA (call to action).

    4) Video campaign
    Campaign in which your ads are shown separately or within certain content – for example: during a live video – on YouTube and across the various Google Display Network channels.
    You can create more than one type of AdWords for experts campaign and designate each Ad Group to use one type of ad. These are the most common:

    Skippable Video Ads: These are funded ads that last 5 seconds. If the advertisement has a duration of more than 5 seconds, the user will be able to skip the advertisement 5 seconds after running it.

    Non-skippable Video Ads: These are 15-second funded ads, which the user cannot skip.

    5) App campaign
    In AdWords for experts app campaigns, you can promote your app in all Google networks, in the Google PlayStore, in YouTube and Android applications (e.g. Admob, Google Search).

    The way to create your ads in the app campaign is somewhat different, as you cannot create individual ads, but rather you provide text and assets for Google and select various Ad Groups that correspond to the channels, networks, and platforms where you want your ad to be shown. The main objective of this type of campaign is to achieve the maximum number of installs for your app.

  4. Define Google campaign’s general settings!

    Complete all data and settings:

    1) Select the name of the Advanced Google Ads campaign!
    Choose a name that matches the campaign, it’s content and purpose. This will make it easier for you to review your campaigns and overall strategic performance.

    2) Choose targeted Google networks!
    Select the Google networks in which your ads will appear, such as the Search Network, the Google Display Network, and others. If you want to include Google’s partners and show your ads on the search results pages of these sites, check the box. This option will affect your CPC later!

    3) Set the start and end dates for Google Ads Campaign!
    Set the campaign timeframe/date range! In the event that you do not specify an end date, your ads will run continuously until the allotted budget or your campaign is finished.

    4) Choose URL options for your Google Ads campaign!
    You can specify the tracking template, the title of the page you want the lead to go to when they click on your ad. There is an option for “Final URL Link Suffix” if you want to use custom URLs or utm tracking content.

    5) Set dynamic search ads settings (optional)!
    This is a way to find customers searching on Google Search for services/products that you offer, as the headlines and landing pages of the dynamic search ad are automatically created using content from your website. You can choose from different targeting options that serve your campaign goal.

  5. Targeting and Audiences – Define your target audience for your Google Ads campaign

    Identify locations – In which you target your potential customers.
    Select languages – Select languages ​​which your target customers speak, so you can target ads to your audience in their own language.

  6. Create your own audience

    Use audience targeting to create your own audience according to demographic characteristics (generation, gender, geographic location, and language), interests, or behaviors such as shopping patterns, searches that make them potential customers, and other characteristics that you define.

    You can define how audiences are targeted with the ability to set and adjust bids according to the mechanism.

  7. Determine the budget for your AdWords for experts campaign!

    Your campaign budget is divided into two parts:

    1) Average daily spending

    Specify your average daily spend. To find out the maximum monthly spend, you can multiply the average daily spend by 30.4 days. 

    Your actual spend may vary from day to day. On certain days, you can notice an increase in daily spending due to an increase the number of clicks on your ads.  

    On other days the spending will be less and it may be much less even than the daily average, due to the low number of clicks on your ad. 

    Your monthly spend, however, never exceeds the total budget you have set.

    Remember that you cannot monitor a monthly budget. Rather, you have to determine the average daily spending first, and then according to it, you determine the monthly budget, not the other way around!

    Usually, Google Ads – Expert Mode allows only a monthly budget in video campaigns and in special cases.

    From here, be sure not to exhaust your daily budget before the end of the day in order to maintain a good impression rate for your ad – in this case you can resort to  different strategies, the most important of which are using an ad schedule & bid adjustments.

    2) Set an Offer Price

    You can choose from several strategies to determine the most appropriate bid for you, which depends on the goal of your campaign.

    There are 4 main elements to bid on:

    1️⃣ Clicks (CPC)
    This includes two affiliate marketing strategies:

    Maximizing clicks. A programmed bidding strategy designed to use the limited budget to get the most clicks. This is also called PPC for affiliate marketers.

    Manual ECPC bidding. With this strategy you can set a maximum cost per user click for your ads. 

    ? ArabClicks Tip
    Click-through bidding strategy is ideal for creating Google Ads campaigns to increase traffic to your website.

    2️⃣ Views
    Includes 4 affiliate marketing strategies:

    Targeted impression share
    This smart strategy has 3 options whereby you choose the position of the ad on the Search results page. The three options are: 1. anywhere on the results page, 2. top of the results page (this means anywhere above the organic search results) and 3. Absolute top of results page (the very first ad of the search results) 

    Target Outranking Share
    A smart, competitive strategy that enables you to help your ads rank higher than ads in another domain, but this strategy requires you to maintain a relatively strong budget.

    Cost per 1000 impressions (CPM) For every 1000 times your ad appears on YouTube or on the Google Display Network, for example.

    Viewable cost-per-thousand-impressions (vCPM)
    A manual bidding strategy, where you set your bid for every 1000 times that your ad is viewed. Use this when your goal is to increase your ad’s view count rather than clicks.

    ? ArabClicks Tip
    Good bidding strategy is important for Google Ads – Expert Mode campaigns to increase brand awareness.

    3️⃣ Conversions
    Includes 5 affiliate marketing strategies:

    Cost Per Acquisition (CPA).
    A smart bidding strategy you can use to optimize conversions at a cost you specify. Google Ads will set your bids automatically based on  your chosen CPA.

    Return on Ad spend (ROAS)
    A smart strategy for automatically setting bids based on conversion value (20 conversions in the past 45 days). The algorithm optimizes your CPC (cost-per-conversion) while trying to match your average return on advertising spend to the target return that you set.

    Referral numbers
    A smart bidding strategy, in which bids are set automatically to help you achieve the highest number of successful conversions in your campaign, and  within your budget.

    Referral value
    This is a smart bidding strategy in which the entire budget is used to improve the value of successful conversions.

    Enhanced cost-per-click (ECPC)
    An affiliate marketing strategy that aims to achieve more successful referrals, or raise the value of successful referrals.

    You specify bid amounts depending if the click leads to a successful conversion (or to a successful conversion, if you so choose).

    If a click leads to a conversion, the bid is raised automatically and lowered if it does not – in this way the tool tries to keep your average CPC below the maximum amount that you set.

    ? ArabClicks Tip:
    A bid strategy based on the number of successful referrals is ideal to increase your number and quality of conversions.

  8. Create your own Ad Groups in your AdWords for experts campaign!

    Ad Groups is another great Google AdWords strategy that creates a set of ads from a set of text options and keywords that you define. An Ad Group focuses on the same product or service in all ads in the group, while changing the ad text and keywords of the Ad Group.

    1️⃣ Select the Ad Group type
    The Ad Group type determines the types of ads available to you now and the targeting options available to you later. There are two types of Ad Groups:

    Standard Ad Group: Your ads are shown based on the keywords you’ve selected.
    Dynamic Ad Group: The content of your website is used to target related searches and then automatically generate headlines.
    For the purposes of this article we will focus on how to create a regular Ad Group:

    If you want to create a dynamic Ad Group, you must define categories on your site or specific pages that you want the tool to draw from.)

    2️⃣ Choose an Ad Group name

    3️⃣ Select Ad Group keywords

    4️⃣ Use Keyword Planner to identify and manage keywords
    Keyword Planner is a great Google AdWords strategy tool that you use to search for keywords based on phrases and words related to your product, service, website, etc.
    The results are displayed for you along with statistics for each keyword.
    For each keyword you’ll see search volume, average monthly searches, ad cost bid, keyword competition, ad impressions and search engine impressions. 
    Create keyword groups which include or exclude each keyword, based on successful clicks and conversion forecasts – which helps you to set your budget and bids more easily and accurately.

    5️⃣ Choose keyword match type
    In this Google AdWords strategy there are 4 types of keyword matching:

    Broad match: Targets audience with ads for all relevant search terms including misspellings, synonyms, and related searches.

    Modified broad match: Similar to the broad match, but targets users searching for specific words/phrases that you have marked with a plus sign (+keyword). With this option, you can target all searches containing keywords you’ve specified. Search terms will match when keywords appear in any order.

    ArabClicks Tip: Using Negative Keywords. Choose which keywords you want to exclude from your campaign. Define a negative keyword by adding a minus sign beforehand (-Keyword). Your ad will not be shown to users searching for this term.

    This is an important tool for avoiding brand-bidding in your affiliate campaigns. Add this to your affiliate marketing strategy: many advertiser affiliate offers require you to specify their trademark name as a ‘negative keyword’ in your PPC for affiliate marketers. 

    Phrase match: Put the keywords you want to match exactly in quotes (“best marketing keywords”). When users search for this exact phrase, but with words before or after, your ad will be shown.

    Exact match: Put the keywords you want to match in square brackets [keyword]. Searches for this exact phrase only, with no words before or after, are shown your ad.

    6️⃣ Click “Save and continue”
    Check each Ad Group separately for daily cost estimates based on CPC.

    Congratulations! You’ve made a Google Ad Group.

  9. Create your own Google Ads!

    1️⃣ Write the advanced Google Ad correctly!

    Google advertising consists of three sections:

    1) URL
    Specify the address of your site or the page you want the lead to go to when they click on your ad. You can add two URL paths to provide a idea of ​​the content of the page potential customers will go after they click on your ad.

    2) Headline Text
    Will be shown made up of three headings, separated by a vertical line. Make sure to include the keywords/phrases and distribute them to the three headings in addition to describing your product/service. You can use 30 characters per title.

    3) Description
    Describe the product/service you are promoting or providing, and include a stimulating CTA (call to action) that urges the potential customer to take the action! You can use 90 characters per description.

    2️⃣ Learn about Google Ad quality ratings

    Your quality score is based on a 1 to 10 rating for each keyword that you use in your ad – to give you an overall estimate of your ad quality.
    There are 3 Google AdWords strategy factors that determine ad quality:

    1) Expected clickthrough rate (CTR): This is the probability that a user will click on your ad after searching for a particular keyword.

    2) Ad relevance: How closely your ad content relates to the keywords you chose.

    3) Landing page experience: An assessment of how relevant your landing page(s) are to your keywords and ad content.
    The best performing Google Ad is the one that provides the optimum user experience for the customer. There should be a comfortable and sensical flow from search, to ad view, then click, and conversion.

  10. Click “Save and continue”

    Finish creating 3 ads in your Ad Group, check how your ad looks for mobile or web, then click “Save and continue!”

  11. Select a payment method and complete your personal information

    1️⃣ Define your GEO
    Select your country, and enter the discount coupon code if you have one.

    2️⃣ Choose how to make payments
    There are two types of payments:

    Automatic payments – Costs are deducted automatically from your account after your ads run, either 30 days after the last automatic payment or when you reach the maximum spending limit.

    Manual payments Upload a balance to your Google Ads account, then ad costs are spent out of your balance – until it runs out.

    3️⃣ Choose the payment method that suits you

    4️⃣ Complete your personal information

  12. See your Google Ads’ Stats

    After launching your Google Ads campaigns, it’s important to track its progress. Go to your Google Ads account and open the “Overview” page. You’ll see statistics for all aspects of the campaign – the campaign, Ad Groups, ads, keywords and more.

    Here are some of the most important:
    Google Ad campaign statistics. Number of clicks, number of impressions, CPC and total cost. Charts help you monitor variables at a given time.
    Overall stats: Sort by performance which includes total cost, number of clicks, and CTR.
    Keyword statistics: See total cost, number of clicks, clickthrough rate.
    Recommended keywords: See which keywords people used to arrive to your ads. You might want to add some of these new search terms to your keywords to improve them.
    Most-liked: Shows you the ads with the best performing clickthrough rate ad based on impressions and clicks.
    Hourly performance: your clicks are tracked throughout the day, so you can see how many clicks are on time and monitor how often they are changing. These statistics help you change bids and agree to changes.
    Device type: Performance comparisons are made between your statistics by a device used (computer, mobile, tablet). ● Geo: Your ads are shown according to the number of impressions in specific locations.

  13. Track your Google Ads Performance

    First, visit the “Campaigns” page in your Google Ads account.

    On this page, you can track your campaign performance, data, settings and everything related to it.

    Choose a specific Google Ad and you can see all the data described on the “Overview” page above. 

    In addition, you can create many reports which display the most important data from your campaign – according to the performance indicators you specify.

    Then open your custom reports in the report editor and specify the date range for viewing statistics.

    To track your campaign performance and collect more accurate information, it is recommended that you set a report date range of not less than 1 month, so you can see the larger trends affected by changes you have made.


Advanced Google Ads are one of the most powerful affiliate marketing strategies you can use. Use this practical tool to display ads on different Google networks, to targeted audiences searching for specific keywords.

Track and analyze your campaign performance carefully, as this will help you determine the effectiveness and success of the strategies you used in the campaign.

If you didn’t get the results you’d hoped for, try playing with the keywords and overall ad text and content you submitted. 

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