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10 Tips to Earn BIG in BIG November 2020

Make the most from your affiliate campaigns for White,Yellow and Black Friday, Singles Day, Cyber Monday & UAE Day!

November 2020 is at your doorstep – with countless offers for savings of 50 – 90% off everything your audience need and wants! Prepare your campaigns NOW for the biggest sales days of the year: Singles Day on 11.11, White, Yellow & Blue Friday (aka Black Friday, in other parts of the world) starting around November 25 .. and don’t miss Cyber Monday leading into UAE Day! 

As an affiliate marketer, you are probably wondering how can you make the most from all the super-sales? Stick with us! ArabClicks has gathered the VERY BEST 10 tips from our most successful affiliates so you can make a ton of commissions this BIG November!

1. Create A Summary

Help your audience cut through the noise by giving your them a concise and eye catching summary of your recommended sites and products, as well as when they can buy for the best price.

Throughout November, all internet and social media users in the Arab world will be spammed with hundreds of advertisements, promotions and discounts from various advertisers, brands, and even other affiliate marketers (your competitors).

Grab their attention with your content – clearly highlighting your Tracking Coupon or Tracked Link – so your readers will know at a glance what you offer them – and what action you want them to take.

  • Use clear CTAs (Calls-To-Action) to direct your audience to take action.
  • Share your brand and product recommendations – but do not hide anything from your followers in your reviews.
  • Make sure your images are eye-catching and words guide your followers, so the two work together in your posts to achieve the greatest influence on your audience and command their attention. 
  • This year in 2020, Facebook has relaxed its 20% text-to-image ratio, so take advantage & post images with a real marketing messages!
  • Use Text Overlay Tool to adjust your text-image ratio to achieve the best reach on Instagram

2. Optimize for Mobile

73% more Middle Eastern shoppers use their mobile device for online shopping because of COVID-19, and this number will soar as high as 83% during big festivals like Singles Day, White Friday & Cyber Monday.

Take advantage of the trend & optimize for mobile, mobile and mobile!

If you own a website and use it as your own affiliate marketing channel, optimize it for mobile devices!
All November, shopping sites will see huge traffic originating from mobile users – so having your site optimized for mobile will make a real difference in your success in achieving sales and earning money.

3. Localize Per Geo

It’s important to match your content according to country and culture. Address your audience with respect for their beliefs & cultural identity & seek to support your audience’s prevailing culture. 

Localize your content strategy with terms that are relevant to your audience’s community.  For example, when promoting in the GCC, avoid using the name Black Friday – which is associated with the American holiday shopping season.

Instead, use the names Yellow, White, Blue, or Mumz Friday (for Noon, Souq, X-Cite & MumzWorld respectively). Also keep in mind that stores like Namshi & Jumia have used the name Black November to talk about the month’s sales.

Make sure you check the GEOs on the offers you promote to be sure they are valid for your audience. 
Your audience sees you through your channels – and the actions they take from your campaigns depend on how well your content is localized to meet their expectations!

4. Decorate Your Channel

Show your audience that you are part of the event and let them feel it too: give your channel or website a new festive theme for November 2020 – and remember that fun and excitement are what accompany online shopping. 

Make your channel a charming, vibrant and exciting destination that not only attracts visitors, but makes them spend a lot of time – and come back.

Create a special version of your logo based on your favorite merchant’s sale palette.
Share photos or videos highlighting your Singles Day or White, Yellow or Blue Friday celebrations.

Choose colors to match your audience’s GEO.
Increase your audience’s feeling of connection to your site with themed posts that use colors from the national flags of your followers.

Make a series of festive posts in your channel. Fuel your audience’s excitement not only by creating a theme but share exciting photos or videos from past White Friday events which may encourage your audience to interact this year!

Post dynamic and interactive content, conveying the energy of the BIG NOVEMBER shopping season and revealing the joy of the unmissable White Friday offerings. Start with yourself – tell them what made you care about the events and what they offer you as an online shopper – show your enthusiasm, excitement and involvement!

5. Start Early & Stop Late

Start your marketing activities early, before everyone else, and be the last to quit.

We at ArabClicks use the name BIG November, because shoppers start buying products online from the first week of November & they only stop after Cyber Monday & UAE Day in the first week of December.

Many online retailers and online shopping platforms launch their promotions and discounts in early November with 11/11 Singles Day. The excitement intensifies before White, Yellow & Black Friday on November 27,  and winds down with last-chance Cyber Monday sales between November 30 and December 1.

If you’re in the UAE, your promotions should go even longer, because you’ll have UAE National Day Sales to promote on December 2 – but with celebrations and sales extending until December 5.  

Keep earning the whole time – by starting your promotions early and ending them late!

ArabClicks Tip: Create an Extended Marketing Plan

Start now! Develop an expanded marketing strategy that includes Single’s Day, White Friday, Cyber Monday (and UAE Day if relevant for your market).

Make your marketing plan right away, and start implementing it from early November.
Then you can just sit back, relax, and watch the profits roll in!

6. Find Out What They Want

Find out which offers your audience has been waiting for – take a survey to find out what they really need, and give them the best prices on these items! Approach them in your channel comments or PM/DM to ask them about their needs, find out what they want, inquire about their problems.

You can also use lists of new services or products and ask them to choose what interests them. The aim is to be able to identify the products, services and offers that your audience is interested in and market them exactly what they are looking for – at the best prices – with your affiliate tracking!

ArabClicks Tip: Use a Facebook Survey or Instagram Poll:

Facebook allows you to create a survey in your posts, so your followers can easily answer a question. This will help you to find out their opinions or preferences.

Instagram allows you to create a poll in an Instagram Story or by sending direct messages to your followers. Using this feature you can target specific followers and share your marketing campaign or promotional plan.

We all buy only what we need – and your audience is the same way! Your audience buys from you when you give them what they need when they need it. Your commission depends on their needs.

Before preparing your marketing plan and promotional activities for BIG November, investigate your audience needs, desires and problems in order to offer them products, services or discount offers that directly serve and benefit them. When you offer your audience the best prices on the products they genuinely need, they WILL buy from you.

7. Make A Special Page

Create a special ‘Offers Page’ displaying all your promotions! If you own a website, create a unique BIG November landing page with all your Single’s Day, White, Yellow, Black Friday & Cyber Monday promotions.

Share the link in all your active social media channels and refer your audience to your page of special offers!

If you are using a social media channel, make sure your promotions, include tracking links and tracking codes and are clear and accessible to your audience and followers. 

Make sure you share your offers in all your channels – for example, in your bio on Instagram, and in your channel description or video descriptions on YouTube.

8. Use Messenger

Using messenger services like Facebook Messenger,  Telegram & Whatsapp to communicate with your subscribers, collect new subscribers, and reach new potential customers. Use messengers to familiarize customers with your products and services, to share your content effectively and to allow your followers to communicate with you easily – and increase your conversions.

Earn money when you choose from the best-paying premium advertisers on ArabClicks, and share BIG November sales & discounts for your advertisers in your messages. Be sure also to share the product’s tracked coupon or link in your message. You will receive a commission for every purchase made using your affiliate tracking!

Telegram Channel

You can publish your content through a Telegram channel and share it with an unlimited number of your subscribers or in another group you’re a member of. Choose a username & profile image &/or channel name and logo that works best for you and connect with your subscribers. Amazingly, each post with a view counter shows the number of views even if subscribers forward the message to Telegram users outside the channel.

WhatsApp Groups

Share your BIG November promotions in WhatsApp Groups which you created or of which you’re a member. Or create group message lists from which allow you to send your great Single’s Day or White Friday content to up to 250 of you most loyal subscribers at the same time.

Email Lists 

Most affiliate marketers use email lists in their marketing activities, and you can send your BIG November sales promotions materials to everyone who has joined your mailing list! Be sure to grab their attention in the subject line and leave a good impression through your opening sentence.

9. Ready, Set, Remarket!

BIG November is the most exciting time of the year to launch re-targeting or remarketing campaigns to custom audiences you have defined. This will allow you to re-target your interested visitors with the year’s most exciting offers – so you can increase your conversions!

Install tracking pixels on your site so you can start remarketing NOW! Learn how to add pixels HERE.

10. Give Out Prizes!

During BIG November, gifts and prizes are your way to attract shoppers!

During BIG November, the heavy demand of shoppers online for Single’s Day, White Friday & Cyber Monday is met with a fierce competition between brands, shopping platforms and retail sites to attract shoppers for these events.

You will need to create your own means to attract online shoppers to your site or channels before they make their big purchases this season.  Get attention by giving out gifts – or launch competitions with great prizes. 

As usual you can also use coupon codes that give an extra discount and attract your audience’s attention. Store advertising will go wild during BIG November, making it hard for affiliate sites or channels to compete with the biggies for traffic. Giveaways & prizes will help you get organic traffic and will DEFINITELY help you to stand out in the crowd.


Be ready for the online shopping season this BIG November 2020! Check out our BIG November 2020 Affiliate Guide. We tell you exactly what, when and how to promote – as well as which sites, categories & products will be hottest in BIG Novbember.

Read the Guide now, then prepare an extensive marketing plan that includes Single’s Day, White, Yellow & Black Friday, Cyber ​​Monday & UAE Day, with a focus on the sites, brands and products which you KNOW your audience loves!

And if you want to get in on the action, but haven’t yet signed up with ArabClicks – join us NOW

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