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(Excluding Brazil, Argentina, Turkey, Indonesia)

Shein Affiliate Program

For all the best in fashion, shoes and accessories for men, women and children, promote Shein to your readers. Their user-friendly site offers a variety of online payment options, top-notch 24/7 customer service and bonus points for completed purchases – assuring return customers. Their site features user reviews of their products, assisting your readers in making the best purchase possible.
Cookie Period
15 - 30 Days (Unless overwritten by another affiliate Link)
Link-tracking is available on Desktop/Mobile Web using browser cookies.
Terms & Conditions
  • Commission is paid for all approved sales, which are tallied at the end of the month.
  • This offer targets audiences worldwide, excluding Brazil, Argentina, Turkey & Indonesia.
  • You may not bid on any of the terms or variations or misspellings thereof in paid search ads, such as Google Adwords, Google PPC, and Facebook Ads. Anyone caught brand-bidding will be immediately blocked from ArabClicks and all other affiliate programs & will not receive the remainder of their unpaid commissions.
  • You may not post your coupons in the comments of any official Shein channel - website, social page or other. Likewise, you may not use the brand name or its variants in your social media hashtags or social media paid ads. Any violation of these terms will result in immediate dismissal from the network with no further commissions paid.
  • You may not use the name or any of its variations in pop-ups and pop-unders, click-unders, as the name of your newsletter or social username or page, in retargeting campaigns, incentive traffic campaigns, in
  • your app push notifications ads, or in wrong or misleading messages. If discovered, all commissions from leads and purchases attributed to your account will be rejected.
  • You may not use methods such as cookie stuffing.
  • You may not sell products on social pages or any other platform except for the site.
  • You may not promote in any sexually explicit materials, violent materials, libelous or defamatory materials, or any illegal activities. If such activities are discovered, or it's parent company or agent will ask for compensation for losses caused by the violation.
  • You may not promote if you employ discriminatory practices, based on race, sex, religion, nationality, disability, sexual orientation, or age.
  • You may not use a link to which includes a redirecting link, that is generated or displayed on a Search Engine in response to a general
  • Internet keyword search query, whether those links appear through your submission of data to that site or otherwise. Likewise, you may not use the name or any of its variations to pull traffic to a different site.

Note: All marketing activities must be conducted in adherence to the Advertiser’s terms and conditions.
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